Sunday, May 20, 2018


Mindy comes to visit with the donkeys, when she feels like it.  She actually is thinking of moving to the Benson area and maybe visiting this time of year to see how hot it is.  She lives up in the Phoenix area and it's usually hotter than we are, so it might be a pleasant experience for her.  

 This is a picture of Mindy a couple of years ago with Daisy....RIP

While she is here she is going to do some grooming on the donkeys.  All of a sudden most of them are shedding like crazy.  When John and I play "doctor" almost every morning (get your mind out of the gutter..LOL)  I carry a brush and some of them get a few swipes, but they need individual attention.  I would imagine it is itchy.  I usually have to clean the brush after every swipe.  Most of them love it and stand absolutely still, I guess they don't want to interfere and make you stop.  

Tula is now out, as long as she doesn't start limping.  Frijolita our little gate opener, managed to take the gate off the post between her pen and Tula's.  It was overnight, so Frijolita was out and Tula was "trapped" in her pen and had been for days and days.  Frijolita's outside gate to her pen was open.  So once the gate was taken care of Tula was free as a bird.  

I went to a clinic at Dr. Jeremy's yesterday morning and asked him, since she wasn't limping if she might not be better off out.  He said to watch for limping and see what happens.  So far, so good, we took her leggings off this morning and put some SWAT on her knees where she had roughed them up laying down.  Good grief you would have thought we had lost our minds to add another "torture" to the routine.  I thought she was going to go down on her knees in the dirt before I could get it on and get my abusive hands off her legs.  Probably for the foreseeable future we will be doctoring those knees, which means she will be going into the squeeze once or twice a day............oh! what fun...!!!  

Still doctoring the corner of Boaz's mouth and will be for quite sometime.   He's so easy to work with, I can do just about anything with him, which is amazing.  I remember a time, when he wasn't that happy to be messed with and didn't mind throwing a hoof to make his point.  Now he is just a big lover and has learned to work visitors for attention preferably a cookie.  Actually he works anybody he sees, but he seems to realize that visitors are suckers for a cute face more than we are, so he pulls out all the stops on them.  It's fun to watch him work them. 

I raced last night, can't say it was one of my better nights, although I did get to go thru tech after the race, with a 4th place finish.  I think there have been 5 race nights and that is the 1st time I've finished good enough to go to tech.

All the cars are suppose to be going the same direction, obviously there is a problem here....!!  LOL  This young man in the blue and yellow car and I had been running side by side for quite a few laps.  He got impatient and slammed into the side of my car and then rotated in front of my car.  Hmmm, what to do, what to do..........slam on the brakes and take a chance on someone behind you running into you or help him out of your way.  Didn't hurt him, in fact he finished 3rd to my 4th, but I bet he won't lean on me again.......!!!  LOL

My car jumped out of gear 5 times during the race, which has been a problem every since it was wrecked and the frame straightened.  The guy's have done all they can to fix it and they think the frame is weak and allowing everything to move around too much.

Our son has been working on a back up Neon, so I think they are going to try to get it ready to race in 2 weeks.

It's further along than this, but there is still a lot to do to get it race ready in 2 weeks.  Hopefully Rod will get his part done in a couple of days and John can do what he needs to do.  Our friend Larry has offered to help John get it ready.  Another friend Gary will help too.  It's amazing how many people are willing to help me keep racing.

I had something funny happen at the races last night.  I had a spectator come up to me and ask me if I was the oldest woman racing in NASCAR.  He didn't say "Hi" or "I have a question" or "I hope you don't mind me asking", just walked up and asked his question.  It's not polite to laugh at people, but it wasn't easy to keep a straight face, while I explain my checkered past in racing and how long it's been.  Sometimes it doesn't take a whole lot to amuse me I guess..............!!! LOL


Unknown said...

Oh, I love that picture of sweet Daisy. She was a dear soul.
I look forward to seeing you both, and I see lots of grooming in my future. I imagine the fuzzy donkeys will feel better in the heat with less shaggy coats. I’ll be bringing the sunscreen for myself as well since I don’t tan, instead I burn, peel, and remain blindingly white!
I see no reason why I can’t do that in Benson instead of Phx... lol!
I feel special when I make it into your blog! :)

Tish said...

The donkeys will be thrilled to get really groomed instead of a lick and a promise. I don't know about special, but we enjoy you coming to visit the donkeys. And I know the donkeys like having you here, you spend time with them.