Thursday, May 24, 2018

MINDY MADE IT.........!!!

She's been here a couple of days and we haven't had a chance to see much of her.  John's been doctoring more than usual and had appointments yesterday and today, which take most of the day.  

That's OK, she's here to see the donkeys.........!!!!  LOL  She comes in the morning  and spends the heat of the day hanging round the pool at the motel.  Then comes back in the late afternoon to spend  more time with the donkeys.  She does some brushing, which is a big hit with most of them and of course comes armed with animal crackers, which is a hit with them all......!!!  

Here's some of the pictures she's taken
 The brothers, Shaggy Bill and Don Juan

 Rosie pulling out all the stops to beg for a cookie

 Even Roxy the neighbor's dog is begging for cookies

Boaz in his crusader fly mask that keeps the flies from reinfesting the side of his mouth with habronema eggs, that hatch into larvae that burrow into the edge of his mouth.  We'll be fighting the good fight all summer probably, but the mask really helps to get some control over the problem.  
Thanks for the pictures, Mindy....!!

Linda sent some pictures from Colorado of boys being boys.  This is Loki Joe and Leo trying to get the best of each other.  Watching geldings play can be traumatic for people not use to it.  They play rough.....!!


Guess Leo won.........!!!  LOL


Steph Schmidt said...

That last picture! He seems pretty proud of himself!
Thanks for sharing, love reading about your herd.

Tish said...

It's wonderful that Mindy and Linda share their pictures, so I can share. They always have their phones with them for those "Kodak" moments. I don't even have a phone........LOL Just think of all the neat pictures that would be missed if it wasn't for them.

Mindy Keeling said...

Thanks so much for having me! I always enjoy my time there. (Well, as long as I keep my keys safe lol!)
Wow! Linda got some great action shots! That last shot of Leo with the cone is adorable.
Take care and see you again soon.

Tish said...

You're welcome anytime, hope your plans all work out for you.