Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I haven't forgotten the blog, it seems that time has just gotten away from me, more than usual.  Here's some more pictures Mindy took while she was here. 

I think this is Don Juan "helping" me set up my doctoring kit.  I've told them over and over they aren't much help, but they still insist they are.  Not sure what Doug is doing..........LOL

 Mindy headed home Friday or Saturday and I think she would have stayed longer, but she had something planned that evening.  She really enjoys being with the donkeys. 

Doug took her over to Burroland in the golf cart to see the donkeys in their "natural" habitat.   Looks like they ran into a road block.

You would think BlackJack would be in shade, as dark and  hairy as he is.  Obviously not......!!  He looks like he's asleep.

We spent Memorial Day with our good friends Larry and Terri.  Larry had a brilliant idea on keeping my race car from jumping out of gear.  So while Terri and I visited, the guys worked on the race car, welding and bending, and designing an arm.   I will flip it up against the back of the gear shift, when  I get on the track and am in 3rd gear.  I stay in 3rd gear for the whole race, unless I spin out.  Then I would need to shift back to 1st, but all I will have to do is flip the arm out of the way, do my shifting back to 3rd and flip the arm back against the gear shift.  

The car has been getting harder to start and has been running a little rough when you start it.  Not sure what is going on, but probably better get the backup car up and running in case this one blows up.  As usual I am running for points and so far this year the shifter problem has REALLY been discouraging.  I'm in 5th for points, but I'd really rather be higher than that...............LOL

Lynn called last night to tell us Linda is composing a long e-mail to tell us about the 1st two burro races for Loki Joe, Justin and Pepsi and how they went.  So he wouldn't give us much information except that all 3 of the boys did good, said he didn't want to ruin Linda's e-mail.  

Saturday they ran at Georgetown, about 8 or 9 miles.  Lynn said Loki Joe was a little distracted and hadn't figured out that the plan was to run........forward.........!!!!  Linda was running with Justin and Pepsi was running with a woman they know.  He did say Justin didn't want to pass Pepsi.  As "sturdy" as Pepsi is, I'm surprised he will even run for miles...........LOL Hopefully, he should be less "sturdy" when they come back in the fall, he will be getting a lot more exercise than he gets down here.

Sunday they raced at Idaho Springs, about 5 or 6 miles.  Lynn said Loki Joe figured how what they were suppose to do and  focused on running  much better than the day before.  

These are some pictures Linda sent of them just hanging out with the donkeys.

Lynn hanging out with Loki Joe, Pepsi and Justin

I think that's Pepsi on the left and I know that is Quilla on the right...!!

I know that's Linda, but not sure who her buddy is.  It's probably Justin, but the camera angle makes him look like a big guy.

Quilla is such a lovebug, he soaks up all the attention he can get.

This is Pooh Bear, who is an inside playmate, going outside to play with Saddik.  The dogs know the difference between inside and outside playmates. Although Lennon especially likes to sneak the inside toys out if he can.

 Saddik seems to be having more fun than he should probably because he knows Pooh Bear is suppose to stay inside.  I think Pooh Bear is also suppose to have a shirt on, not sure where it went.....  LOL

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