Tuesday, May 08, 2018


A couple of days ago I was explaining about habronema larvae to a visitor and using Boaz and the side of his mouth for my "show and tell".  There wasn't a mark on his lip.  

This is what it looked like this morning.  I had already dug 3 larvae out before taking this picture.


 Had one more larvae to go in the upper left hand corner of the sore.  It is that little white circle and was the size of a grain of rice.  The 2 holes right below the white circle is where I dug out a couple of the little monsters

 I have a supply of Ivermectrin on hand will be using it twice a day on this spot and probably others.  He usually gets them on his sheath too unfortunately.  So far his legs are OK, although if he starts sweating, he will probably start slipping hair below his knees.  Poor guy just has a lousy immune system I guess.  Cisco is another one we have to watch close......and Coquette too.

Boaz is really easy to work with, but to take good pictures of the corner of his mouth, I think it takes more than 2 people.  Hopefully we can get this problem taken care of and won't have to deal with it all summer................but judging from past experience, I doubt it. 

This is Miss Tula in her pen or as we call it, on house arrest.  Dr. Jeremy said 8-12 weeks, we're going with the idea that after 8 weeks she will be healed and be able to go out with the rest of the donkeys.  Works out that she will be liberated on the 4th of July......!!

She's still on a heavy dose of bute, through tomorrow, and then I'll start dropping it down.  She's actually walking pretty good, the bute is for swelling and pain, and she seems pretty comfortable, so it shouldn't be a problem to get her off it.  

So far she hasn't been too unhappy, although at night she does complain after all the others go out at bedtime.  I've been mixing her bute powder with molasses and she really enjoys that.  I put it on top of her pellets and she almost gets in it before I get out of the pen.  Usually she won't check out her feeder as long as someone is in her pen, but I guess when molasses is involved, she will make an exception....!!! 

The last few days have been really hot, over 100* in Tucson and I almost waited too long to cover Penny's legs, the flies had already been chewing on her bare legs.  Doesn't her legs look patriotic?  This was when I first put them on, by this morning they were dirty.  That's why I took a picture as soon as they were on her legs.  They'll never be that white again......!!! LOL

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