Friday, April 27, 2018


Linda called yesterday afternoon and said they had just let the donkeys out on 40 acres to roam and investigate.  Actually 4 of the donkeys had been on that acreage last summer, so they took off to see if anything had changed.  The other three weren't quite as brave, but I would imagine it didn't take them long to catch up.

Set up for the night in New Mexico

Some kind of New Mexico monster checking out Linda's accommodations in "her" truck.  You have to remember there is also 4 dogs involved in this exodus, that pretty much choose where to sleep and how much room to take up.....!!  Sorry Lynn, I couldn't resist......!!  LOL     

Lola probably looking for her buddy John to throw her ball in the morning in N.M.  That was his job when we did morning chores.  She will chase the ball as long as someone will throw it. 

Lynn and his brother Forrest unloading the stock trailer., almost looks like a clown car...!!

Exploring is so much fun....!!

Turbo, and Leo with their "leader" Lynn.  I noticed Loki Joe is doing his own thing as usual......!!! LOL

Turbo and Leo have a lot of energy after their long trip.

Roxy is rather lost with the dogs gone, I'm sure she is wondering what happened to her pack.  She comes in the feed room to get fed twice a day, has been spending the day underneath Doug's trailer, although she seems to like the air conditioning in the feed room.  It's been in the high 90's, if it stays that hot, she will probably spend more time in the feed room.  I don't know if she even goes back to her home across the road anymore or not. Even without the dogs she seems to prefer being over here,  though it's pretty boring with no dogs I'm sure.  

We are putting fly masks on the donkeys as needed.  The flies aren't very bad yet, but they zero in on moist eyes, as it gets hotter.  This morning I put a fly mask on Gigi.  Gigi likes men better than women in fact her favorite is Lynn, and it's been months since she's had a fly mask on.  We did a little dance for quite sometime, finally she gave up, thank goodness.  I could just imagine being out there all day long if she wanted to really be uncooperative about the whole operation.  I even had cookies as bribery material, but she still had to show me she didn't want to cooperate.  Tomorrow morning should only take half as long...........hopefully.....!!!  LOL

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