Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Lynn and Linda sent off and got 2 new signs for the rescue.  They are always coming up with neat ideas.

 This morning our neighbor Jorgia helping to put up the Rainbow sign in the cemetery.

Linda is busy putting pretty colored stones in the concrete around the posts.  Then she laid stones all around on the dirt.  We figure they will be everywhere by morning.......!!  LOL  Donkeys don't miss much and they love to rearrange just about anything they haven't seen before.  I just hope they don't eat them.........LOL

The sign was laser cut and really was pretty........BUT..........it almost disappeared into the background scenery.  John found a piece of aluminum to back it with and Linda did the painting.  Isn't it beautiful......??? The other sign is for Burroland, the 20 acres of wilderness the donkeys think is theirs and humans don't belong.  I think the back piece is going to be white on it, at least it was the last I heard.  Guess I'll have to wait until it's put up to know for sure.  

This morning when I got out to the feed room, Doug and Linda said Frijolita had a nasty looking eye that was tearing real bad.  John and I went to see what was going on.  I don't know for sure what she did.  There is a scrape on the edge of her eye, and it had a lot of mud in it.  We rinsed it out, which was a lot of fun.  Frijolita won't fight you or try to get away. But she can be very evasive, if you try to get hold of her head, she will turn it away from you and put her nose almost on the ground and then she will just stand there like that.  It is almost impossible to doctor an eye when she does this.  But we finally got her to let us raise her head up and use eye wash.  The bottom lid is really swollen and when I flushed the mud out of her eye, I saw something that looked like a piece of wood caught between the bottom lid and her eyeball.  I tried flushing it out and she actually stood pretty good, so I assume she knew I was trying to help.  But it was stuck in there pretty good.  I kept flushing and it finally came loose enough that I could get the water underneath it.  What I thought was a piece of wood was actually a small rock.  Well it would be small if you found it in a salad or something.  But in an eye, it probably felt like boulder.  I dropped it on the ground, so didn't get a picture of it.  

This afternoon Linda and I rinsed it out some more and put triple antibiotic in the eye.  The lower lid is still really swollen, I hope just from irritation.  The eye looks good, she's holding it open and it isn't wet anymore, so hopefully tomorrow it won't be so swollen. 

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