Thursday, April 05, 2018


Lynn and Linda are starting to try to get organized for heading back home to Colorado the 14th.  I'm glad it isn't me, there's lot to do to get ready for such a move, 6 (or 7...more later on that) donkeys, 4 dogs and stuff to stay and stuff to go.  Of course they have been here since early November, except for being in California for a month, so stuff is everywhere.....!!   LOL  They won't be taking the RV or the motor home, so that simplifies somewhat.  But I'm still glad it's them and not me..........!!!  

Yesterday Dr. Jeremy came to draw blood for Coggins test for those that need it for the trip. The ones that went back and forth last time, are still good, but Loki Joe, Justin and Pepsi haven't been traveling, so they had to be tested.

Lynn really wants to take Quilla back this year.  His skin condition was so much better up there and their friend Stephanie wants her parade partner to come back again.  Quilla's Coggins is good, all he would need is an up to date health certificate.  But first.........they have to find out if 7 donkeys will fit in a 4 horse stock trailer.  We have hauled 8 standards in our trailer, but it wasn't an overnight trip, which adds more issues to the adventure.

I think they are going to try to load all 7 today and see how it goes.  Thank goodness I have an appointment in Benson, and unfortunately won't be here to "help".........LOL

While Dr. Jeremy was here, he looked at Frijolita's eye.  It looked pretty good except for the swelling to me, BUT I'd rather someone that really knows what they are doing look at it.  He didn't see anything in there,  and it looks better this morning.  I'm still keeping a fly mask on her, to keep the sun out of her eye in case it is sensitive to light.  And also if she rolls on the ground, it might help to keep her from getting something else in the eye.

x-ray me Jasper's front feet look like they are on the wrong side......!!

De. Jeremy x-rayed Jasper's front feet that have been chronically foundered.  Jasper was really ouchy on them when he first got here, but change in diet and drugs have made a lot of difference in his comfort level.  He hardly lays down at all during the day and is out all night.  Exercise is really good for their circulation, when their feet are compromised.

Portable x-ray is REALLY nice to have, if Jasper looks like he being mellow there's a reason.  He does not like to have his legs and/or feet messed with and he is really determined that they not be touched.  Although Linda has been working with him and he will "allow" touch as long as it doesn't last long enough to do anything...!!   So Dr. Jeremy put him into donkey LaLa land.!!


His x-rays actually didn't look as bad as I expected.  He has some rotation, but not really bad. Some demineralizing of the coffin bone, but again, not bad.  A little bit of ski slope to the front of the coffin bone, but again, I've seen worse.  One foot has the navicular area compressed but he thinks if Tyler lowers the heel more, it will make more room for everything to spread out.  All in all pretty good news for Jasper.  Now.......if we can just get some of the extra weight he's carrying off of him, he might be in  good shape.

Linda has bathed Gus twice lately for skin problems with special shampoo.  Gus is one of the few donkeys that loves to be bathed, thanks to Claire...!!!  LOL  So he's really easy.  Both sides right behind his elbows was sloughing off hair.  Some of it even had scabs around the base of the hair.  It has been getting better, but there again if you have someone that knows what they are doing available by all means pick their brain.

Linda brought Gus out and I was someplace else.  When I came up Dr. Jeremy said, I was going to be surprised at his recommendation.  I popped up with, "Vagisil"?  LOL  A few years ago I read about how to use Vagisil for fungus infection and it was so weird, I got a tube.  It expired in 2013, so I've had it for awhile, never been opened.....!!!  I think it surprised him, I know it shocked me that I still had that little tidbit in my brain....!!! LOL  He said you can also use ointment for athelete's foot.  Somehow it doesn't have the shock factor Vagisil does though....!!!  LOL  It already looks better this morning, so if you  have a skin problem that you think might be fungus, there's some OTC things to use.  I had to clip around the area, so now poor Gus really looks like he's got something nasty going on, poor guy.  Dr. Jeremy was pleased to hear Gus is completely off all pain medication and doing well. 

Rosie's summer belly is trying really hard to become a problem.  So far Linda is keeping up with it.  Of course it isn't even hot yet, I'm really surprised it's starting this early.  Over the years, she has had steroid shots which didn't work, and had just about every creme know to man, put on her belly.  The technical term is Midline Ventral Dermatitis.  She actually has 4 areas on her belly, only one of which is midline.  I think this year I might try aggressively worming her again, if she does have holdover larvae from last year and the proceeding years.  Ivermectin is suppose to kill the young, but not the adult worms, if that is what is going on.  So I will need to find out for sure what the life span is of the adults, so I can hopefully worm her thru adults dying of old age.  

The sign came out great and the donkeys didn't carry off the colored stones last night.!!


Mindy Keeling said...

I love the new sign ❤️

Witcheylady said...

Rosie might have the same problem Thunder had years ago.
Read this:

I found the chondroitin sulfate very effective but it may take a season or two to kick in. Thunder is on it all year round and hasn't had a problem in about 5 years now.
So good to hear Gus is doing well with no meds :-)
Happy about Jasper too.

Tish said...
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Tish said...

Me too Mindy, it really is pretty.....!!!

Witchey Lady......Looks like I'm going to have to do some more reading, haven't seen anything about chondroitin sulfate about the problem, only high powered worming. Thanks