Monday, April 02, 2018


Turbo and Leddy playing

Jasper's mom came down from the Phoenix area to visit him yesterday morning.  When Liz and Steve got here, we had just finished morning feeding, so everyone was still in their pens, including Jasper.  

She was happy to see him eating and looking good.  We took the golf cart out, so she could see Burroland and where the donkeys get to roam.  She was amazed at how peaceful it is out here.  A lot of people that come out live in the city and comment on how quiet it is.  I know what they mean, a few times over the years I've stayed overnight with friends in Tucson, when I was going to fly out REALLY early in the morning.  I usually didn't get any sleep, because of the noise of the city, might as well stayed at home..............LOL

One night after dark, I finally noticed there was movement around the outside of the pens and went outside to see what was going on.  Linda was doing an impromptu tour with a neighbor's visiting family.  I asked why she didn't turn on the pen area lights.  I guess they were all enjoying a flashlight tour.......!!!  They seemed to be having a great time, if they ever come again, and get to see everything in daylight or with the pen lights, it will be a whole new experience I guess..........!!!  We have a driveway announcer, but they came across Burroland, Vic's place shares a fence with Burroland and there is a gate between us.  He is the neighbor that fostered Casper the little escape artist, mini mule until we could find a home for him.  Casper is suppose to be getting training for pulling a little cart, but I don't think Bryan has done much with him so far.   We would have kept the little brat, if he would have stayed in the fences.  Or even if when he got out he stayed around here.  But we know for sure he was about a mile from here one morning out of the main road, being chased by 2 cowboys in a pick-up truck....!!!  LOL

Joe's "naming" party was a couple of days ago.  

It would be nice if he was appreciating his balloon, but he was probably just checking it out to see if it was edible

Nothing scares him, even flying balloons with streamers whirling  around in the breeze

He got first bite of his "cake", but then had to share.  All special days like birthdays and naming days are celebrated in Linda and Lynn's family....!! 

Yesterday Lynn put a pack saddle on Loki Joe.  We doubt that he has ever had a saddle on before but it was like no big deal.  He didn't even have a halter on, nor was he in a pen.  Lynn couldn't really tighten the cinch, because Joe is so much smaller than the other donkeys they have.  He is really a small standard and is one of the very few donkeys around here that isn't chubby.  I'm sure they will get him an appropriate saddle or cinch.  They are planning on getting a sawbuck saddle for Little Justin also since he will be racing with Linda this year.  

When anyone is outside working around here, they always have donkey help.  It doesn't matter if you sneak off quietly to someplace there isn't a donkey anywhere.  Start doing something and within minutes there will be donkeys wanting to know, if they can help........!!!

This is Leddy and Loki Joe helping Lynn with trail building in Burroland.  I think that is Rosie behind Joe, if so Gigi isn't too far away.  

This is Jasper yesterday, his 1st day to be in Burroland, as far as we know. 

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