Sunday, April 08, 2018


Lynn and Linda were going to leave Saturday the 14th until they found out that is a race they won't leave until early Sunday morning now..........!!!  We told them we can handle it, we'll have to after they leave, but they won't listen.  Lynn has an appointment Tuesday the 17th in Colorado, hopefully it will be a smooth trip with no problems.  

At least I hope Saturday is a race night.  Right now my car is sitting at a friend's garage, waiting for the transmission to be installed.  Another friend took the tranny apart to make sure it's better than the one in the car that jumps out of gear at the most inopportune times.  John is suppose to go over this week and they will put it in the car.  Fingers crossed that it works and will stay in gear thru a main event........LOL

 Got the Burroland sign up a few days ago.

I think I might have changed out Rosie's snack boards, of course the new one would look just like this one within days........LOL
They put it up where we all had agreed was a good doesn't show up there there like it would around the corner.  I haven't brought the subject up with John yet........right now he is chasing a leak in one of the pens.  For almost a year a hose had ran thru that pen on top of the ground to fill water buckets.  Lynn dug the trench and they hooked it all up............and one of the connections is leaking.  John's excuse is,  he isn't a plumber........!!!  LOL  He just came in and said it is fixed, so we'll see.
 The Cheezits, Cheerios and Tortilla chips in the pantry are ours..........BUT all the lovely animal crackers are donkey treats, thanks to many people that have come out to visit with the donkeys recently.  I guess the word has gotten out that donkeys love animal crackers, apples, and carrots.  Some people have brought some of each and one woman even brought bags of timothy pellets.  Of course the donkeys don't know about this generosity, but they certainly enjoy the bounty.  It's always rewarding when others appreciate the donkeys and want to help make up for some of the rough times many of them have lived thru before they came here.  

Lately we've had tours almost everyday, and some of the donkeys are getting spoiled about sharing visitors with the other donkeys.  Cheyenne, the smallest mini is the worst about sharing.  We had visitors this afternoon and I had to really get on her.  She is cute, but not cute enough to behave like a brat by making ugly faces and threatening the other donkeys.....!!!  She may be little, but she doesn't seem to know it.  Most of the donkeys are large enough to squash her like  bug, but when she goes on a tangent they usually walk away or ignore her...!!


 A couple of days ago was "let's see how many donkeys can be stuffed in a stock trailer" day.  Linda put halters on all the ones traveling to Colorado and we started trying to figure out the loading process.  Who will load after someone else and will stand next to who.  It's not just a case of grab one and into the trailer it goes.  A lot of them seem to have definite thoughts on the process, that means you better have it make sense to them, or it's not going to go smoothly.

Turbo and Leo were loaded first.  You might remember when we loaded for the Tombstone parade in March, Turbo wasn't interested in loading and let Lynn know it wasn't his idea.  This time he hopped in the trailer like it was going to be fun.  Never say they will or they won't, because they might or they might not.....!!  LOL  Leo went in pretty good, next was to be Joe and Leddy.

This is either Bill or Don, they both self loaded when they saw the open trailer.  Unfortunately they weren't the ones that needed to load...!!

There is seven donkeys in there, with Lynn and Linda.  Justin was the 5th one in.  We thought he would load and just stand there, but NO........he put his nose down and waded thru the 4 already in there, to the front.  He looked like a salmon going upstream...!!  LOL

There actually was more than enough room for 7 donkeys.  Lynn started talking about Boaz going too.  I guess there are quite a group of Boaz lovers in Colorado, that are disappointed he isn't going to be there this summer.  Haven't heard anything recently about him making the trip.  He would have to get a health certificate and I'm sure I would have heard something by now....!!! LOL

Lynn took them on a short ride out to the main rode and back to see if anyone freaked out.  The rode just fine and when they came out of the trailer, they certainly weren't traumatized, we couldn't get them out of the way, so we could close the back gate.  Linda is trying to bribe them with cookies.

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