Saturday, March 31, 2018

GINGER SAID YES..........!!!

I e-mailed Ginger asking if Lynn and Linda could take Joe with them for the summer.  She said he had been a rescue from a bad situation and she always wanted him to have a home that fit his exuberant personality and wants Lynn and Linda to be his new family........!!    To say they were happy is an understatement.  I'm sure Don and Bill will be thrilled, their personalities are a lot more mellow than his and they seem to think of him as the little obnoxious brother.  I was surprised, the other day Don actually went after Joe, guess he had enough.  The problem is, Joe doesn't care, he seems to be happy to have them mad at him as long as he is getting attention.......!!

All of Lynn and Linda's  animals have names that start with "L" although in the case of Turbo they had to stretch it a little.  His name is Lil' Turbo.......!!  Right away they came up with the name Loki, who was somewhat of a trickster in Nordic/Icelandic mythology. It would be a good name for him, except we've called him Joe for a year.  So he will be Loki Joe.............LOL

Jasper is really doing good, improving every day.  He had been leaving a little hay in his bunk, probably because he was use to hay or pasture being available whenever he wanted to eat.  We don't "roll" that way around here, they go in their pens to eat, and are let out after 3-4 hours.  If they leave hay in the bunk, we close the gate so it will be there when they go back in.  In Jasper's case we had been putting his bunk in Quilla's pen, so his soft sandy lay down area would be available if he wanted to lay down during the day.  He was laying down quite a bit, but everyday seems to stay out with the others until it's time to come in to eat.

Jasper out doing his thing

The last couple of days and nights he has been finishing his there isn't any leftovers.  It's seems he has come to expect a snack when he goes in his pen to wait for his mush and hay.  He's not shown a lot of patience for waiting.  His answer to the problem is to jerk his bunk around until it comes off the fence..........!!!  Really doesn't make the hay get there any quicker, but I guess he's showing his displeasure at this horrible treatment.............LOL  John upped his hay 1/2 pound today, in case he's hungry, but if he eats that, he still won't have a snack when he goes into the pen.....!!!  LOL

Boaz doing his thing for Mindy and her Mom...........thanks for the pictures Mindy, glad you made it out again.

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