Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I guess that's what makes life interesting...........LOL  Joe, one of the 3 boarders that have been here for about a year while their new home is being built is to put it mildly a little busy body.  If he is in his pen with Don Juan, he wants all the attention.  If they are out, he'll get in your face and want all the attention.  He also seems to think he is in charge of the other two and most of the other donkeys.  When Boaz came back from Colorado last fall, he and Joe took about 2 weeks to settle down into the relationship they had before Boaz left.  Boaz had been one of the leaders of the geldings.  When he left Joe moved into that position, which he didn't want to give up.  But he finally backed down, Boaz can be formidable if he wants to be.  He jerked little bitty Cheyenne off her feet one time.  She had kicked at him and he grabbed her by the neck and up in the air she went.  

Anyway Lynn and Linda have been taking different donkeys out for their runs.  They are training for a 24 hour marathon run this summer, with I think 6 or 8 other people on the team.  Each person will run 2 different parts of the race.  Sounds more like work to me, but they are really excited about it.  It's just for people though, so no donkeys or dogs allowed.

So they've been taking different donkeys out, mostly the ones that act like they want to go, by running up and down the fence, when they go out the gate to run.  

Last night Lynn took Joe for the 1st time, when he came back he was grinning from ear to ear.  It seems that Joe is a natural.  He trots on a loose lead and just speeds up his trot if necessary, rather than breaking into a lope, which takes more energy.  And nothing spooked him or made him put on the brakes, which is pretty good, considering he hasn't been off the property since we picked him up last year.

This morning they are out with Joe and Justin to see how they run together.  Both of them seem to love to run, so it should be interesting.

Courtney has already agreed to Justin going to Colorado for the summer..............BUT..........I have to get in touch with Ginger to see if Joe can go to what is becoming our northern  satellite extension of Forever Home Donkey Rescue...........Ha!  Linda took the 2 videos above last night when Lynn and Joe were coming back from their 1st run.  She wants to take some more today, when she is more prepared.  But it does show Joe is having fun.  OBTW they went about 3 miles in quick time, Linda wasn't expecting them back that quick and had to grab her phone and start filming.  


Yesterday was "hay" day, Chris came out with her squeeze and a trailer load of hay, we were down to about a month's supply.  Because we want low protein, sugar and starch hay, I always give her a warning when it's about time for a delivery.   That way she has time to look for what we want.  When Lynn moved the old hay out of the way, he had to take into consideration their motorhome is spending the summer here.  There is no reason to haul it back to Colorado and it should fit nicely in the empty side of the hay barn, out of the sun and hail if that particular weather occurred.  

I think this a Jasper and Gus with Linda but I could be wrong.  About 6 of the guys are so close in color, I have to see their bodies to make sure of who is who.  

 This is rather icky, but it's something Cisco has to put up with and has for years.  What's amazing is Lynn didn't jump up and look for a rag or something to wipe his leg off.

Cisco has a chronic gutteral pouch infection, among his other problems.  He does real good for sometimes years and then it becomes a problem and he has to have antibiotics for awhile.  There are rags in his pen for wiping his nose at all times.  Usually it isn't quite this messy, so it's time for a round of antibiotics I would imagine.  Dr. Jeremy is coming out next week to do Coggins and health certificates, so I might bring up Cisco's problem, it's been a long time since I've discussed it with a vet.  

Years ago Lucy had to have surgery for gutteral pouch.  The opening at the bottom of the pouch had closed up with chondroids.  They took out over 8 ounces of putrid YUCK!  She got along just fine and had no more problems, until her chronic laminitis got her years later.


Jasper and Quilla out on an adventure, Jasper seems to be doing better each day

Enjoy Linda's pictures and videos, although she was good about sharing, last summer when they were in Colorado, so hopefully she'll share again this year.  It will be so boring around here without them, there won't be anything going on.  But from what it sounds like, they are going to have a busy, busy summer. 

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