Thursday, March 22, 2018

JASPER UPDATE........!!!

Jasper has been going out of his pen after breakfast and spending about 2 hours out, before coming back to his pen to lay down.  Today he stayed out almost 5 hours before he came in and then it wasn't to lay down, he wanted his hay.  He seems to be feeling better although it is still uncomfortable for him to walk.  But he's progressing in the right direction.  

He's got a bed sore on one of his knees.  He's pretty good about halters and being messed with...........except for his legs.  A couple of days ago I put a cover on that knee to help protect it.  It was somewhat of a wrestling match to get it on him, and I couldn't get it on as well as I wanted to.  It has slipped down to his fetlock, which isn't doing any good for the knee.  This morning I tried to get hold of it to get it back where it belongs..........not happening.  So rather than fight with him, I just worked to touch his leg without him having a hissy fit.  If he isn't laying down as much as he was, it's not as important to cover the knee.  But it is important to eventually be able to handle his legs and feet.  So I got some animal crackers and didn't quit until I could touch that leg without him squirming and pulling away.  He did pretty good, we'll see how he is in the morning.  Donkeys do much better if you work with them for a short time and then give them time to think about it.  He will probably be OK with that leg in the morning, at least until I pull the velcro.......!!  LOL  Of course each leg is a new deal, and will be like you've never touched him before.  Equine are right brain, left brain, which means just because you do something on one side, doesn't mean it is acceptable on the other.  It usually isn't.......!!!! 

It's about time to start the countdown for Lynn and Linda heading back to Colorado, about the middle of next month.  It's sure going to be boring around here once they leave.  I don't know what the donkeys will do, they usually surround the motor home every morning and if Lynn and Linda make any noise, the donkeys know they are up.  Linda said they try to sneak looks out of the blinds to see who's out there.  From the videos Linda has taken, I think it's all of them......!!!  LOL

It was 91 degrees in Tucson today.  We haven't had to put on fly masks yet, although the allergy ones have been on Benedryl for a couple of weeks.  A few warm days like that and the flies will be out in force unfortunately.  

Not sure if Gus is having as much fun as Lennon, wonder what Lennon is trying to do?
Thanks, Linda

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