Sunday, March 11, 2018


This is Linda "bonding" with Jasper

Linda was sitting in his pen with him this morning and he was all over her, laying his head on her head or shoulder.  He seems to be fairly low key, although he acted like an ass when Tyler was here to work on Gus, Rosie and Gigi.  

Tyler changed out their shoes first and then Lynn and Linda put leads on Jasper to lead him to the stocks.  He had been watching the others in the stock and when he came around the corner he took a left turn and headed for the next county.  

He lost Linda first, Lynn actually held on until Jasper went down the bank of the wash.  They were moving along at a high rate of speed by then and Lynn could have really gotten hurt if he had held on and fell, so he let go.  

It took awhile to round up the "wild child", but he made the mistake of going into Gigi and Rosie's pen, so Lynn and Linda double led him back to his pen.  It's pretty clear that he has been able to be in charge of the relationship between him and humans.  If he threw an uncooperative fit, they probably quit till later.  The problem with donkeys is, if he wins and next time will be worse.  He's not mean or anything like that. but he's really determined........LOL  John yelled at Lynn when they were trying to get him headed towards the pen area, that he'd make a good racing donkey, he was "picking them up and putting them down"....!!!  LOL  As chunky as he is, it's a wonder he can move that fast and has problems with his right front foot.  I checked yesterday and there is no heat in it, so I don't know if he's foundered or not.   But he's gimpy on it. 

His mom said he had been trimmed last month, but she wasn't there when he was trimmed.  The right front "might" have been trimmed, but I can almost guarantee the other 3 weren't, especially the backs.  They got him in the stocks, which was probably the 1st time he'd ever seen anything like that, and then the fireworks began.  He pitched a high powered fit and seemed to think it would work.  Between Lynn and Tyler, it didn't work.  He got trimmed in spite of himself......!!!   And as a reward we let him out of his pen for the afternoon, although he really didn't deserve it...LOL 

Yesterday we had 33 people here for tours all afternoon.  The other donkeys were out of their pens, and Smoky Joe was being a brat, sticking his head thru the corral panels, grabbing Jasper's halter and hanging on.  So he's having to stay in the pens today while, Jasper roams around getting use to his new territory.  Joe really can be a brat, he's got a lot of personality and has his nose in anything and everything going on around here.   If we had let him out with Jasper today, I'm sure he would have harassed Jasper, just because that's the way he operates.  Unfortunately Don Juan and Shaggy Bill had to stay in with him, and they haven't done anything wrong.  But if we had left him in by himself, he would have pitched a royal fit.  As it is, as soon as he sees any of us, he runs to where they are, trying to get them to let him out.  

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