Monday, March 05, 2018


Really had fun up at Canyon Speedway in the Peoria area north of Phoenix.  We got up there on Friday, and found out there was no practice Friday night, but it was daylight, so I at least got to see the track.........LOL

 Unfortunately our 2 cameras we put in the car, needed to be charged, so we didn't get any video during the races.  I didn't even take a picture of the race car sitting in the pits.  We weren't sure there was even going to be a race for the 4 cylinders until one finally showed up.  And then when that car and I lined up to go out on the track, another one pulled in behind us, so there were only 3 cars.  That was the 1st race in Arizona for the IMCA Sport Compacts and I guess a lot of people are waiting to see if they get enough cars to make a program.  But if they don't have cars I would imagine the track won't continue to try to run them, so they better get to building some cars.  

Both of the other cars were Cavaliers, which is one of the best 4 cylinder cars for racing and they pretty much showed my Dodge Neon the way around the track.  I finished 2nd in the heat race, because one of the cars started cutting out, but in the main he was running real good unfortunately.....!!!  LOL  I could follow them, but couldn't catch them. 

The other driver was an older woman, not as old as me, but she has grown kids and she knew what she was doing.  Everyone was really nice and thanked us for coming etc.  They are having a 2 day event next week-end, and I wouldn't mind going back up to help their car count, but John isn't too thrilled.  I think he was happy I brought it home in one piece and he's afraid 2 more nights of racing before our 1st race in Tucson the 17th might be tempting fate....!!!  He said we could take one of the Kias up and see if anyone would be interested in buying it as a starter car.  The Kias are good little cars and well built, they just don't have enough power to run on the longer tracks.  I'd be even farther behind than I was in the Neon...!! 


 I took these pictures in the pits.  The track is real close to the Lake Pleasant area, where the wild burros roam free.  It looks like they go thru the pits at the track sometimes, although I can guarantee there weren't any around Saturday night, it was too noisy.  

This week is going to be pretty busy, so when John didn't show a lot of interest in going back up there to help their car count, Friday filled in nicely.  

I've been talking to a woman up in the NW area of Phoenix, that has an overweight donkey that just lost his momma last week and is very depressed.  He was eating OK, but today she said he isn't eating very good.  Unfortunately, an overweight donkey not eating is dangerous and they can develop hyperlipidemia   which can be fatal, in fact that is what killed the jenny according to her vet.

Since she is so far away, I asked my good friend Claire to go over and see what was going on.  Claire is very familiar with Insulin Resistance, Cushings and all those problems caused by too much rich food and too much of it.  The woman lives fairly close to Claire and she went over a couple of days ago and met Liz and Jasper.

 Jasper is a little lumpy, but doesn't look any worse than Rosie or Coquette when they came here.  What gets me is he has absolutely no crest on his neck.  Usually if a donkey is overweight, they have a thick neck, his looks just fine. 

But I can almost guarantee he has fatty liver disease, which is a big problem with the hyperlipidemia.  So Liz has decided to turn him over to us permanently, we can hopefully get him a little healthier.  I use to think I was pretty good at it, but Rosie and Coquette not to mention Buddy Brat have refused to become svelte, no matter how much we try to slim them down.

So Friday we will go up and get him.  Claire said he is really timid and hasn't been in a trailer for almost 20 years, so we'll have to be really patient with him.  Claire suggested bringing a buddy for him to ride with.  Cisco would be perfect, but his legs wouldn't make the trip.  Quilla would be good too, as far as I know he doesn't have problems with his legs.  Or maybe Buddy Brat.  Maybe one of the minis, would be less threatening.  Someone will go, I just haven't figured out who yet. 

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