Monday, March 26, 2018

HAY DAY.........!!!

Haven't heard from Chris yet this morning, she is suppose to call when the hay truck is on the road headed our way.  The donkeys will have to stay in their pens until the hay is "safely" in the barn.  You can't imagine how much "help" they can be with hay unloading.  

John and I use to get 46 bales of hay on the car trailer when we were younger and had less animals.  The farm would load it for us, but when we got home, we had to unload it.  And it always seemed like we had to replenish our hay supply.  Of course by the time we got home from Eloy/Casa Grande with the hay it was almost time for "donkey supper" and they thought we needed lots of help.  

I would get the bales off the trailer and John would drag and stack.  I had to be careful not to hit some enterprising donkey with a bale and John had to drag thru the crowd.  I don't think either of us misses those days, and Chris doesn't need the donkeys help when she is unloading stacks of hay with the squeeze, a wonderful little invention that unloads a stack of 64 bales at a time.  

Jasper is now out all night with the others.  He's still not figured out that he needs to eat his hay or it gets shut in Quilla's pen.  That way Jasper's pen is open so he can go in a lay down in his dust pit, if he wants.  He's continuing to walk better every day, less sugar and starch in his diet should help to keep his feet from hurting from chronic laminitis.  

Yesterday he was pursuing Coquette for quite sometime, without interference from some of the other boys.  She seemed to think he was pretty cute, but thankfully he just pursued her without trying to mount her.  I'd rather he didn't crash to the ground on his fragile feet for the time being.  All in all he seems to be doing good with his change in scenery and lifestyle.  He's very alert and curious, which is a good sign.  

Linda made arrangements for health certificates and coggins tests with Dr. Jeremy, for those that need it for the trip to Colorado the middle of April.  Besides Leddy, Turbo and Leo their donkeys, they will be taking 2 of the minis, Justin and Pepsi.  Justin loves to run with Linda, so she's going to see how he does in at least one of the burro races this summer.  Pepsi is going along as a buddy for Justin and also to hopefully get some of the mesquite bean weight from last summer off of him.  He's on a diet and has been for quite sometime, but he's still "short for his weight". !!!  LOL   


D Lien said...

Loved the tour of your place and enjoyed meeting the donkeys. We love the wonderful things you are doing to make their world a better place! They are precious and seem so happy. Thanks for all that you do!
-Dale and Denise Lien

Tish said...

I'm glad you had a good time, if you get a chance to come out again, the donkeys always enjoy company....!!

Witcheylady said...

I am so happy Jasper is doing well.

Tish said...

He seems to be happy and moving around pretty good. The first few days were a little scary, He was getting Karo at least 3 times a day and had molasses in his water, but it worked.....!!