Friday, December 29, 2017

THEY'RE BACK.......!!!!

Lynn, Linda and the dogs made it back, Christmas afternoon and I think we've been running every since.  For some reason they seem to make the routine around here liven up......LOL

I'd like to say the donkeys were thrilled to see them, actually Buddy and some of our donkeys warmed up to them quicker than their 3 donkeys.  But after a couple of days, when ALL the donkeys found out they were cookie carriers and also they were back in the RV, it was back to business as usual.  That means the donkeys spend time at the door of the RV and Lynn spends time either hanging out the door or sitting on the step, being part of the herd.  

Before they left last year, they said we were going on vacation this year.  We thought about it all summer and never really came up with the perfect place to go.  In the winter it cuts out a large portion of the country, that can get nasty.  We talked about going to the Winter Dirt Nationals in Volusia, Florida, driving which would probably take about 3 days one way, do the races and drive back.  One of us thought that would be a lot of us had excuses and dragged feet............LOL The foot dragger came up with an alternative........the Wild West Shootout up by Phoenix.  

Years ago, this "winter" race event was held at the defunct dirt track in Tucson in January.  Drivers from all over the U.S and Canada and maybe Mexico come out for it.  When it was in Tucson, they actually let the Hornets run and if you brought a car to race you got in the back gate free.  I had the Kia and had retired the Toyota, but John dragged it out of the weeds, since he would get in free if he raced it.  We raced 6 days out of 10, you talk about 2 tired people........!!! LOL  Luckily we brought them home each night in one piece, so John didn't have to work on them.  We did really good, John even did good in the underpowered Tojo, 1st time we ever really made money racing, I think............LOL

But I guess they don't need a class to give the big boys to have time to work on their cars anymore, so they don't have our Hornet class race.  Oh! well, it was fun while it lasted. 

It's still 6 race dates out of 10 days, so we're trying to figure out what to do between races.  We've been trying to find something interesting to do in the area, but so far haven't come up with much.  One of us is even talking about coming home in between race days.............WHAT?  That would almost defeat the whole purpose of a vacation...........!!!   LOL 

Dr. Jeremy came out today to x-ray Rosie's right front foot.  She's been gimping around for about a month and the general consensus was she had an abscess that just wouldn't pop.  Unfortunately the problem is she has got rotation in that foot from being chronically foundered for years.  She's always limped a little sometimes worse than others, but had never limped as much or as long as this time.  She's always been overweight and we couldn't get her thin, although we keep trying.  It might take awhile to figure out what is the best plan for her, but hopefully we can get her more comfortable. 

This is a Christmas greeting we got from Falena and Selena's family.  The girl's are now called Momma and Squeaky, although we don't know for sure if Momma is the mother of Squeaky.  That's the names they were given in the foster home they were in for about 3 years before they were adopted.  They got a great home with a family that already had a horse,  But from what Tim said, the girls have pretty much taken over the top slot........!!!  LOL  At least with Tim his wife rides, but they wanted a donkey as a companion for the horse, took the girls and Tim has been smitten every since.  I've always contended we take over horse people like that.  People want a donkey as company for their horse and the next thing you know they want more donkeys......!!!   LOL