Monday, January 01, 2018


Well we survived the new year's celebration I guess.  We're are such party animals, Lynn and Linda came over before 9am to watch the ball drop in New York 3 hours early.  That's when we found out there's only 2 hours difference instead of 3, so no ball drop until 10pm our time.  So we drank our grape juice, Linda and John went out to let the donkeys out and we all went to bed.  LOL  

Gus wishes everyone a Happy New Year, complete with bubbles

Cisco wanted to celebrate too

Little Cheyenne didn't want to be left out.  She is so cute and sweet looking, but we all know better.  She can be a bad girl when she thinks some of the other donkeys are getting more attention than she is. 

I don't know if Coquette was making a social statement on the new year or not. 

Turbo and Leddy joining in the fun.  Linda loves to dress up the donkeys and dogs for every holiday and the animals seem to enjoy it.  

Courtney and Dr. Jeremy came out yesterday at the same time, to evaluate Rosie and figure out what would be the best way to trim her.  Just a little bit of trimming and she seems a little better this morning  She had been getting better the last few days, so don't know if the trimming help or if it is just the natural healing of the problem.  Either way we will keep her on bute for awhile, and hopefully she will get back to normal.  She's actually always been gimpy off and on, probably because of being fed alfalfa and sweet feed and plenty of it,  for most of her life.  And carrying extra weight, that just won't go away.

The last few days BlackJack's voice had changed, he sounded like he'd been hanging out with cows and learning their language.  Dr. Jeremy thought he might have gotten kicked or compressed his throat thru a fence or something enough to irritate it.  

After Dr. Jeremy left, BJ started wheezing and seemed a little lethargic.  Now he's on SMZ's for 7-10 days.   I checked with Dr. Jeremy first, it sure is nice having a vet available to ask questions, rather than having to make decisions on my own.  


ellie k said...

Happy New Year. Glad your extra hands are back makes life easier and you need more cookies I am sure.

Tish said...

Yes the donkey really need more cookies........LOL One of the donkeys bit John a couple of days ago. John was standing with his hand by his side and I guess Bill thought it should be doing something, like holding a cookie. He bit hard enough John has 2 blood blister on either side of his "pointy" finger. I asked him if he yelled and he seemed to think that was a stupid question......!!! LOLO

Unknown said...

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