Monday, January 29, 2018


There was 3 day racing at Tucson Speedway this week-end and we went out all 3 days to watch.  Well I watched John helped a couple of friends operate the roll-back wrecker.  If it's just a wreck they can haul it off with a regular "hook" wrecker.  But if the car is really wrecked, they use the roll-back to keep "parts" and fluids from falling on the track on the way back to the pits.  

Our son Rod raced his modified, finished 8th, I think they started 24.  He hit another car, they both ran thru oil from a blown engine, and Keith spun in front of Rod, so they hit head on.  Keith couldn't get back in the race, but Rod did and finished pretty good under the circumstances. 

I was in the pits being nosy and managed to trip over a jack handle and down I went on concrete with a thud.  Of course there was an audience, all came running to pick me up.  I landed right on the top of my left shoulder, which is rotater cuff territory.  

Never dealt with it personally, but John did a few years ago and he didn't think it was much fun.........!!  So far I'm not very impressed either...........LOL  I have his sling on, thank goodness it's my left shoulder, or I'd really be in a mess.

I guess I'll have to go into the doctor tomorrow to see if it's just abused or actually torn.  My WAG is just abused since I landed on it. First race for the hornets is March 17th, so I don't need a bunch of doctoring.......!

When we drove in about 10:30 Lynn opened the driveway gate for us.  He said they had been out playing with the donkeys when they let them out at bedtime and heard the truck coming in. He had also built a fire in our wood stove, so the house wouldn't be so cold when we came in.  Lynn and Linda are such wonderful people, we sure will miss them when they head back to Colorado the end of April.

* * * * *

I wrote above about the races and my lack of agility yesterday, but didn't post it.  This morning John insisted I go in to get an x-ray.  We have 3 medical choices in Benson, a walk in clinic in Safeway, my primary doctor or the emergency room at the local hospital.

Tried the walk in clinic first.  They have a long list of things they don't do, one of them is sprains and joints.  So we headed for the doctor, no appointment until next week.  That left the emergency room........SIGH..!!

We found out no bones broken, which is good.  In the last 5-6 years I've had 4 broken bones and they were all clean breaks, so it's good to find out my bones will take a little abuse without shattering, like happens with older bones some time...........LOL  The doctor said not to wear the sling, which works for me.  I can use my arm within reason and knowing there is no breaks, there isn't any reason to protect it.  It will let me know if I try to do something I shouldn't.

Everybody wants to be a racer these days........!!  

Lynn and Linda had said something about taking Justin with them to Colorado this summer.  Justin belongs to Courtney that trims the donkeys feet, so I told them they had to ask her.  She was here yesterday, they asked and she gave her approval, so I guess he will be going on an adventure.  Courtney's only question was, if he would miss the other minis, one of which is his mother.  I don't think he will, these days he likes to hang out with the big boys, more than mom.  

Lynn trying to keep up.........!!!  LOL

Thanks for the videos, Linda

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