Sunday, January 21, 2018


John and I sneaked off again this week-end, with Lynn and Linda's blessing.  Went to 95 Speedway at Lake Havasu, AZ to root for a friend that took his street stock over there to play with the local racers.  He did really well, and brought it home in one piece, so it was a good week-end.......!!!    They asked him to come back, which isn't always the case, when you take your car to a new track.   LOL  John won at Yates Center, Kansas in the 70's, 1st and last time he raced there.  On the way home all the lug nuts on one of the trailer wheels came off.  Wonder why..........???  A good reason not to leave your car and trailer unattended at a strange track I guess.   Had to leave the trailer and race car in a gas station with a note, took a couple of days to get it all straightened out.  But these guys seemed to appreciate having Ray show up, told him to bring his friends, so I guess they like having the competition.

Ray's street stock

I left Linda with a pretty full week-end, she had a tour Saturday morning, a church group came out groomed donkeys and cleaned water buckets.  She said they will probably be back soon, so I guess they had a good time.  

This morning Tyler came out to do feet.  Gus is doing so well, we are hoping to get him off all medication this time.  He got new shoes and his feet covered with casting material, to help his feet be less flaky and hopefully more sturdy.  There is still about an inch of flaky loose hoof material growing out at the bottom of his hoof.  We are hoping when that finally grows out, eventually he can do without the casting material.  He might have to always wear the shoes, we'll just have to see what happens.  

When John and I got home today, I asked how it went.  It seems that everyone Tyler worked on was a real "ass" today.  Gigi, even broke a couple of clips that held the chains on the stock, when she was suppose to just be standing still.  Gus tried to jump out over the front chain.......... Gigi broke the clips on the back chain.......!!!  Jeesh, they've all been in the stock before and didn't cause problems.  I think everyone got a happy shot for their trouble.  Dr. Jeremy was here to draw blood from Buddy Brat, to see if there is a reason he's been grumpy lately.  Buddy is usually a pretty happy guy, but there have been some changes lately.  So we'll start with a CBC (complete blood count) and see if there are any clues.    

Gigi and Rosie, thanks for the picture Linda

Rosie for the 1st time in her life got shoes.  They are called banana shoes, turn up on the front and back, so she can rocker her stance to where it is most comfortable for her.  Dr. Jeremy said she is going down the same road as Gus.  Hopefully we can intervene and stop the process or at least slow it down.  

And there was another tour this afternoon, so I don't think it was boring around here at all.......LOL 


Steph said...

Welcome back! Never think you aren't missed! I enjoy reading about your adventures.

Tish said...

Glad you enjoy them, sometimes I think it's probably more fun to write about it, than live thru it...!!! LOL