Friday, January 05, 2018


BlackJack is NEVER EVER sick or off, he's never been seen by a vet and just does his thing, day after day, year in and year out.  Very low maintenance.......!!!  But for the last few days he's been getting antibiotics syringed down his throat twice a day for some sort of virus that is going around, I guess.  As of this morning 3 more are trying to share in the fun, although we haven't started them on meds yet.  I checked with Dr. Jeremy and he said there is something going around, although a lot of them are getting a high fever and cough, none of ours are doing that.  Mostly they sound like a cow when they try to bray and maybe breath a little funny.  

If a bunch of them get it whatever it is, this will be the first epidemic we've ever had here.  So I guess we shouldn't complain, except the timing is terrible.  We won't be going on our vacation, wouldn't be right to leave Linda with a bunch of sick donkeys.  We might still go up to a couple of the races, just to see what's going on, don't want to miss out completely..........LOL

Yesterday Lynn and Linda took Leo, one of their donkeys and Justin one of the minis out for a short run.  They went over to visit with Jorgia, a neighbor and Linda took a great picture of Jorgia and her "fur" kids.  

Banana and George have obviously been around donkeys before, they didn't act like idiots when the donkeys showed up

This is a cute little video Linda did of Justin, practicing his burro racing technique.  He loves to pretend to be a racer and Linda encourages him.  They've been talking about Justin and Colorado in the same sentence........Hmmmm............since he actually belongs to Courtney, she  trims the donkey's feet, might have to clear it with her first.  If they did race him, as a mini he wouldn't have to wear a pack saddle and weight.  Who knows maybe he would get rid of the "jello" sides if he got a little more exercise....!!!   Poor Boaz and Quilla, they probably thought they had the inside line on being part of the Colorado gang, since they went last summer.  Wonder how many donkeys you can actually put in a 4 horse stock trailer?   We might find out by summer..........LOL

Linda has been putting a GPS on Gus to see how far he walks in a day, his top speed, all sorts of information.  He needs to get some muscle on his scrawny butt, and Dr. Jeremy said exercise might help.  So far he's walking over a mile a day, doesn't sound like much, but he's doing it on his own, without us deciding how much or when, so that's a good thing.

Ready for action

I'm not sure what all that means, but after he wears it a few days, she is going to compile the information and also draw a map, so we will know where he goes.