Thursday, January 25, 2018


Last year Linda brought up the subject of participating in the Tucson Rodeo Parade, which has been an annual event every February since 1925 and is billed as the largest non-mechanized parade in the U.S. That means no motorized vehicles, horse drawn wagons and carriages, riding or walking only.  It was too late to sign up last year, so Linda put it in her phone for this year.  

Our plan is to take 6 donkeys, three of them will be Lynn and Linda's, Turbo, Leddy and Leo wearing their pack saddles.  BlackJack and Quilla will both be wearing blankets with Forever Home on them.  We haven't decided yet what to do with Justin, the little mini.  We can always stomp and squash a straw cowboy hat and put it on his head.  Dave and Georgette are going to walk with us and handle 2 of the donkeys.  They do cowboy shooting and have all sorts of outfits, Georgette is going to outfit Linda and I.  I think John has enough miner stuff to dress Lynn if needed and Dave has all sorts of outfits, so we ought to look good.

I hope John and I don't wear out before the parade is over.  A friend that has been in the parade many times said it's about 4 miles..........that's a long ways.......LOL   Leigh Anne said to get there about 4am, to get a good parking spot for the stock trailers.  So now we're talking about going the night before, although that might not be allowed, we'll have to find out. 

This is a video Linda took a few days ago, of Lynn, Turbo and Leo playing in one of the big washes.  I guess Leo thought he was going to get left behind..!!! LOL

Today they went out with a neighbor and 7 dogs to an area called the Narrows.  It's a narrow spot in the San Pedro river bed.  In the 20's the city of Tucson did a study and were trying to figure out how to dam up that area, to collect water for Tucson, but never did.  If they had we might have lake front property now....!!

Anyway, they ran across a range bull, Jorgia's dogs are working cattle dogs, so no big deal.  I guess Saddik and one of her dogs had been arguing with each other, but when they saw the bull, they started working him together like buddies.  I don't even know if Saddik has ever seen a cow, although since he showed up at our place 3 years ago and had been on his own long enough to get pretty skinny, he might have ran across some range cattle out here.

Linda took this picture of Saddik last September after their 1st snowfall in Colorado

We don't know for sure what his ancestry is, but we're pretty sure there was a Rhodesian Ridgeback in there someplace. 

Another video Linda took of Turbo showing some of his "moves"

Everybody is doing good right now.  Rosie seems to be enjoying her banana shoes, she's moving around more.  Gus is doing so well, he is off all medication except for 1/2 Equioxx a day.  Next week we will start dropping that to every other day and if he does well, see how he does without it.  It's been a long time since he wasn't taking some kind of pain medication, so this is very exciting. 


ellie k said...

The videos did not open on my iPad. Will try the laptop later.right now prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow so keeping very busy.

Tish said...

Bummer, wonder why it isn't opening for you? Well, don't you have a fun day planned for tomorrow.........!!! LOL The best thing about having one is,you don't have to do it again for a long time.

Witcheylady said...

Love the videos! Such good news about Gus. Keep us posted & hug him for me.

Tish said...

We started every other day Sunday for a week. Yippee..........!!!