Saturday, February 03, 2018


Thank goodness, the shoulder is doing good, better every day, now if I just don't do something else stupid....!! LOL

It's busy around here as usual.  Yesterday John, Lynn and Linda, helped Jorgia, our neighbor run a fence to keep the range cattle off private land.  There had been a fence up, but the cattle had torn it down to get to a water hole.

Lynn and John playing with the fence.  The problem with range cattle is they usually learn that fences are just a temporary problem if they want to go thru them. 
Lola and Lennon trying to figure out why John isn't either working or throwing a stick

They didn't get home until feeding time, Jorgia is a hard taskmaster.......!!  LOL  John said they thought they might have to come home and get head lamps, and flashlights.  But they managed to get done before dark.

Saddik looking at something across the way, thanks for the pictures Linda..!

The dogs were actually working too, although I'm sure they had fun playing most of the time.  They had to make sure there weren't any cattle inside the fence before they closed it or they would be trapped.

Jorgia had her 2 dogs, which work cattle.  They found the big bull inside, so the dogs went to work, Saddik included. From what they said the bull wasn't very happy at this turn of events, but the 3 dogs finally got him moved out.

Today John and I going into Tucson to figure out where we will park the night before, or early in the morning with the stock trailer and 6 donkeys, before the Rodeo Parade the 22nd of February.  A friend that has been in the parade with her little mini donkey Jasmine, e-mailed directions, so we're going to scope it out.

Would you believe I found the pictures of the clothes Georgette brought out the other day?  I know most people have a love/hate relationship with their computer, but my computer and I really HATE each other.  LOL

There's some over on the chair too....!!

Here we were getting ready to get in organized rows.  Little Justin on the right was suppose to be in front, he wants to follow, and I don't think we ever did get organized...!! LOL

Obviously I took this picture after our "walk", Linda and Lynn are headed for the feed room with a bunch of halters and leads

Rod, our son is busy working on race cars getting them ready for the new season.  

This is what his garage looks like right now

He's also got my back-up car to put a roll cage in it.  Rita the race cat is looking it over to see if it has a comfortable place for a cat to sleep.

No room for it inside

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