Tuesday, February 06, 2018


Lynn and Linda are getting ready for a "people" race this Sunday for Valentine's Day in Tucson.  Linda and I went shopping yesterday for things to make their costumes.  One thing we noticed is they've already pulled most of the Valentine's stuff, and on to Easter and some St. Patrick's Day........!!  But she did find a few things, she always comes up with fun ideas for their costumes.  

Then there is the Tucson Rodeo Parade the 22nd of Feb.  We got the information in the mail yesterday on where we start, where we line up and where we are suppose to be at what time.  It all sounds very organized, I hope the donkeys appreciate organized and are cooperative. All the donkeys we are taking have been in parades or pack burro races, so it's not going to be a big surprise.

This is a video Linda took at their RV one morning, of the whole herd except for Gus and Cisco.

Of course racing starts in March, the car is ready John says, so we'll try to take it to tech next week-end and get that over with.

Life is not all fun and games, sometimes there's work to be done.  Years ago when a neighbor fenced in Burroland for us, the east side fence was about 10-15 feet from the large wash that runs across our property on the way to the San Pedro river west of us.  Since then the wash has ran high enough to erode the bank,  the fence is now within a foot or two of the wash. The fence needs to be moved back from the wash farther before the next big run probably this summer, if we get rain.  That is the next work detail, when it can fit into every one's schedule.  That's a big problem..............scheduling.  We've tried making plans, but it doesn't usually work out as planned..................LOL

This time of year we have quite a few tours and we try to accommodate  visitors, even if they show up unannounced.  I get a kick out of getting a phone call from someone wanting a tour, and I ask where they are and they say at the gate.  The other day John and I were gone and Lynn and Linda noticed people wandering around with the donkeys.  They were doing a self tour, before they got caught.........LOL 

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