Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still Busy

Today Lynn and Linda went to a "people" race at the UofA in Tucson for Valentine's Day.  It's a costume race with PDAs (Personal Display of Affection) at least a couple of times during the race.  Linda came up with a cute idea of  having cactus costumes, wearing t-shirts with "stuck on you" across the front.  

Linda and I tried dying white socks, green to wear on their arms over a 2 days period.  The only green dye we found wasn't specifically made for polyester, which it seems all crew socks have a high polyester content.  The 1st time we did it, they came out too light.  Yesterday I was gone so Linda tried again.  When I came home the socks were hanging to dry and were a really pretty color of robin egg blue.  YIKES what happened to the almost green enough 1st dying?  

The instructions said to have the socks wet.  Linda said when she soaked the socks to get them wet, all the color started coming off the socks.  She dutifully tried to dye them again, but obviously it wasn't going to work.  She also said as they ran and sweat or "glowed"  and their arms got sweaty, the green would have come off on their arms, which wouldn't be good, so that idea got dropped. Hopefully she will take some pictures to share.  

They stay busy training for racing this summer when they go back to Colorado.  Sometimes they take the dogs, sometimes the donkeys, but Linda always takes pictures or videos.

Turbo out for a run, I would imagine he is begging for a treat

Lynn and Linda were in a big culvert trying to get Leo and Turbo to come in.  I don't think they were interested.

 For some reason the Lone Ranger comes to mind.....!!! LOL

Leo doesn't want to get left behind..!!  Well after he gets a bite of sustenance, race training is hard work, don't you know.....!! 

Dave and Georgette are coming out this week for a final fitting of our costumes for the Tucson Rodeo Parade, Thursday February 22. This parade is such a big deal in Tucson, schools are closed so the kids can go to the parade.  We've still got to go drive the route to see how long it is and exactly where we line up and all that.  I'm sure there will be lots of helpers, but it's nice to have an idea of what's going on before you get in the middle of it...!!

Then I guess the next big happening will be when John and I go up to Canyon Speedway in Peoria, Arizona the 1st weekend in March.  It's an IMCA sanctioned DIRT track and they run what they call Sport Compacts.  John checked the IMCA rules for Sport Compacts and I've been in touch with the track and it sounds like my car should be legal.  We'll go up the 2nd, they have practice that night and race on Saturday the 3rd.  Should be fun, I haven't been on dirt for 3 years and it's a bigger track than the Tucson dirt track, so I'm not expecting anything spectacular, just to finish and bring the car home in one piece will be good. long as I don't finish last....!!! LOL

The donkeys are all doing pretty good right now, although Rosie is still limping on her right front foot.  But not as bad as before Tyler put the shoe on, which is a good thing.  Hopefully with time she will get better, even if she always has to wear a shoe.

I tried to order my annual order of fly traps from Valley Vet last week, and they are back ordered.   So yesterday I bought a fly trap to put out, until Valley Vet gets some in.  They have the best prices especially if you buy a lot of them, which I do.   Got word last week that my first shipment of fly predators is on it's way, so they must think it's time for the flies to come back.  We actually have flies all winter, usually in the afternoon when it's warm, but not enough to bother the donkeys.

The other night Lynn was cleaning out a pipe that had a lot of leaves, sticks, etc in it and ran across this little guy.

I have never seen that small a Colorado River Toad, they are usually about the size of a saucer up to dinner plate size.  He was all wrapped up in the material caught in the pipe.  Of course if a dog bites one, it can make the dog really sick or die.  But he got put back in his nest, hopefully he'll stay away from the dogs, when he gets bigger. 

The same night Lynn found this little hibernating lizard.  We put them in a bucket full of hay, when we find them, and turn the bucket on it's side.  They disappear when it gets warm, so I guess that's a good way to help them if their hibernating gets interrupted.

Thanks Linda for all the pictures and videos, it sure makes life interesting.

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