Thursday, December 07, 2017


This morning after the donkeys went in their pens for breakfast the wind started blowing.  I might add it was and still is cold, to go with the wind.  The thermometer says it's 61 degrees, but I don't believe it even thought the sun is shining brightly.  

John went to a friend's to work on race cars, so I let the donkeys out when they were done eating.  By this time the wind is really blowing, I didn't think much about it except how miserable it was.  Usually when the donkeys come out, they head for Burroland as quick as they can.  Today they come out, the heads go down and they start gleaning the ground.  Took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.  This time of year the leaves are drying up on the mesquite trees I guess.......but still in the trees.  The wind is knocking them loose and they are falling on the ground.  The donkeys must have been watching from their pens while they waited for someone to let them out, just waiting for their opportunity.  Amazing animals if you watch them and their behavior.  So they are all out there having a great time picking up tiny little mesquite leaves.

Pepsi one of the minis has really put on weight.  He's been eating with Justin and Lynn, so we had no way of controlling his food intake.  John figured out how to split their pen, so he eats by himself.  This morning when I let them out, I noticed his bunk was polished and Lynn and Justin's wasn't..........Hmmmmm..........more information to figure out, like he's probably been eating the lion's share of the hay and mush.  That's funny, because every since he came here, we've had 2 feeding areas for the 3 donkeys, because Lynn refused to let him eat with her and Justin.  So now I find out he's the "clean up" man.  

This is Pepsi after we got the weight off him when he came here almost 10 years ago and before his recent weight gain.  Now he looks like he's pregnant.......!!!   LOL 
I think fly season is officially over, we will have a few flies all winter, but not bad enough for masks.  I'll gather them up, and see if any are still usable for next year, then get in touch with Colorful Equine for my annual order.  


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