Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Poor Rosie, has been gimping around for almost a month, not bad, just about the time I'd think she was better she'd start limping again.  Tyler and Dr. Jeremy were here the 2nd of Dec and agreed it seemed to be an abscess.  

The last 3 days she's been down more than she's been up and 3 legged lame when she is up.  She's not even that interested in eating, which for her is very unusual.  In fact yesterday morning when Vic was here to pick up poo, he came in to tell us one of the donkeys was in trouble, down and bloated.  I had to tell him she wasn't bloated, just fat, when laying on her side there's a lot of her sticking up in the air.  

I talked to Dr Jeremy yesterday and he said if she wasn't better today, he'd come out.  Abscesses can be very difficult to find and you can cause more harm than good, digging around trying to find it.  But it is  difficult to see them so miserable and you can't give them bute as it will just prolong the process.  Just because he comes out doesn't mean he'll be able to find it, depending on where it is in her foot.  But I have my fingers crossed for an easy fix.  

Sambo, the black cat we trapped and took to the vet for corrective surgery weeks ago, has started hanging around to check out the cat food on the back porch, we put out for our indoor/outdoor cat Julius.  Glad to know he is OK and got over his surgery.  When we opened the trap to let him out, he was moving so fast I didn't know if we'd ever see him again or not.  

Still haven't seen the orange tomcat, we called Midas.  We had planned on trapping him, but I guess he decided he'd move on to safer places.  

Speaking of Julius our indoor/outdoor cat, he was born here to a feral female and is in fact a brother to 2 of our indoor cats.  He was never interested in coming in the house until his mom, Hobo disappeared.  So he basically goes in and out at will.  I have recently found a problem with this arrangement.  Nigel sleeps on our bed most of the time, he is very sweet tempered and will move........usually.......if you insist.

Sometimes Julius is in when we go to bed and usually is on our bed, which is fine, the more the merrier.  Nigel doesn't care if Julius is up there or not.  BUT.........I am not allowed to move my feet, I'm not even allowed to move a toe, if it makes noise, or it gets attacked.  He doesn't attack like a house cat, more play than serious.  HE'S SERIOUS........which means blood gets drawn thru the sheet and comforter.  Of course he goes sailing thru the air and seems to think he needs to go out immediately if I'm going to treat him like that, while I'm trying to figure out how many punctures I have to deal with.  Needless to say, it makes relaxing to go to sleep a little awkward.  

What really gets me is he's never done it to John, although John does have to contend with Sunny, laying between his legs, which means he can't move.  But if he does move at least Sunny doesn't become a wildcat...!!!  Nigel sleeps between us, which isn't bad, except because he's laying on the covers, I end up with none on the edge of the bed..........SIGH....!!!  

Heard from Linda yesterday and I guess they will be headed back to Arizona early next week from the Christmas tree lot.  Hopefully our weather will improve between now and then.  She said their weather has been colder than it usually is, so I'm sure they would appreciate a little warmth and sunshine.  I know I would, it's been below 70 degrees the last few days and that is the cut off for comfort in the desert, as far as I am concerned.........whine, whine, whine...........!!! 

I'm pretty sure the donkeys will be happy to have them back.  She asked if I thought they would remember the people that live in that RV that have cookies.  If I was making a bet, I would bet the donkeys will be up front and climbing the steps the morning after they get here.  LOL

When Mindy was here you might remember she brought 2 big containers of animal crackers, 10 pounds of them.  With just the 2 of us here I guess Linda figured we hadn't used many of them.  I had to tell her they were all gone and had been for quite sometime, when she asked how many were left. 


ellie k said...

My son and DIL have a cat that loves my son. If he goes to bed early the cat hurries up and gets In bed on my DIL's side of the bed. When she comes to bed the cat has to be lifted and moved to the end of the bed. The cat likes her to go away and considers herself the lady(cat) of the house. If they skyp while she is away the cat makes sure she is on my sons lap and in the picture. She is not a mean cat though, just loves my son.

Tish said...

Julius isn't mean, he's just more wild than tame......LOL Cats do become possessive of their people and can get pushy if they think they are being ignored. Talking of the phone can become a problem, I guess because you are talking and they think you must be talking to them because there isn't anyone else around.

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