Tuesday, December 12, 2017


  Wouldn't this be fun to have in your Christmas stocking?

Fire every night in the wood stove, and putting on sweats in the morning to go out and break ice in the water buckets........  Yep, must be winter.......!!!  The sun is shining today, and it's 73 degrees on the thermometer, but the wind is blowing.  I know I'm whining, just watching the weather on TV every day makes me realize how nice we have it compared to other parts of the country.

I remember getting up at 6am in Missouri in the dead of winter to take care of my horse Ringo, and my 7 chickens and 2 ducks, busting ice, wading thru snow and my pant legs freezing stiff.  Yes, that's all a distant memory and I like it that way..........LOL

Not much to write about, Lynn and Linda are so busy selling Christmas trees in California, I haven't heard from Linda in a couple of days. 

All the donkeys have gotten use to the new routine, which is pretty casual compared to when others are here doing chores.  John wanders out about 7:30 and since it's cold the donkeys are all in their favorite places to warm up and not interested in round-up.  I don't even go out until after 8am because until the sun gets up and starts warming, I know John probably is busy breaking ice waiting for the donkeys to show up...........like that's going to happen.  I don't mind missing the ice breaking, unfortunately he breaks it, fishes out the ice with a net and by the time I get all the feed mixed, the buckets are freezing over again.  So I do get to break ice after the feed buckets are ready.  So we're wandering around out there until 9am or so and it's usually after 11am before John starts letting them out.  

Just had to take time out to talk to Linda on the phone.  She called to see why there hadn't been any updates on the blog?  I had to tell her it's been so boring around here, there wasn't anything to write about........!!  I did tell her about two of her "fur" kids, Leo and Turbo, digging a trench at the gate of their pens, while they wait impatiently for their hay.  John even put a stall mat in front of Leo's gate, so he moved down to the end of the mat to dig......!!!  Parents always like to hear about their kids misbehavior when they are away............LOL

Linda had seen the picture of Pepsi in the blog the other day and she said it didn't look like him.  I have to agree.

Pepsi a few years ago, between being svelte and looking like he's pregnant today.....!!



ellie k said...

I missed your posts also. They never seem boring, sometimes more interesting then others.

Tish said...

I rather a fan of boring, I don't enjoy crisis management, especially when it's the "fur" kids. Nice and slow and easy, that works for me........LOL