Friday, December 15, 2017


I guess John finally decided that summer was over and he could bring in the fly masks from the shelters.  So that's what he did this morning.  Actually it was a pretty good year, the larger pile on the right are the ones that can be washed and used again next year.  The smaller pile on the left are the throw aways.  

Usually by the end of the season, most of them are pretty raggedy, although some of the girls like Tula and Gigi ended the fly season with the same fly mask they started with in the spring.  The boys are usually the ones that end up using 3 or 4 fly masks a year.  They seem to think fly masks are also toys to be pulled off some else's head, if they get a chance.  

Last night we went to a talk at Dr. Jeremy's place, on what to do in case of an emergency.  He's been giving these talks on different subjects every 3 months or so, and they are really informative. A good way to learn, what you thought you knew and probably don't.......LOL

I was really impressed with his horse.  Dr. Jeremy brought him into a large brightly lit area on concrete with about 40 people, out of a dark field, so we could find a digital pulse under his jaw.  So not only did he go from dark to light, but he got to contend with a bunch of people squeezing his jaw, when it was time for his supper.  He graciously allowed us to poke and prod him for quite sometime, he was a very good boy.............for a horse........!!!  LOL  I'm not sure one of my more cooperative donkeys would have behaved as well although I'd like to think they would.

I guess Don Juan had enough of Smokey Joe's nonsense this morning.  For some reason Joe thinks he is in charge, that he should get all the cookies, all the petting, all the attention, etc.  If Don even acts like he might like to be petted Joe puts him in his place.  When humans are out there, such behavior isn't allowed, the humans are in charge of discipline, at least we like to think we are. 

We didn't hear anything, but when I went in to fill water buckets in their pen, Joe had a bloody upper lip, like someone had enough of his nonsense.  I don't think it will phase him long term, he is pretty full of himself......!!!

I did find something I will watch for a few days to see if I can figure it out.  Joe "LOVES" really "LOVES" to have his butt scratched.  When you go in to fill water buckets he backs up to you until you get the hint and will stand there to be scratched as long as it takes to fill up the buckets.  When I say he likes his butt scratched, that isn't exactly accurate, he likes "ground zero" scratched, although I think I might be the only one that makes his day by doing it right by his standards.......!!!

I noticed this morning that there is an area like a growth on the edge of the opening.  I put some zinc oxide on it and will check it tonight to see if I can figure out what it is.  If not I'll have Dr. Jeremy come out to check it.  Joe is one of the 3 here while their family has a new house built.  One thing about Joe, he doesn't mind at all if you poke and prod it........!!!   LOL