Sunday, June 14, 2015


This is what Boaz's leg looked like yesterday morning, after I cleaned it up.  Two or 3 days before there was nothing, because I've been checking his legs a couple of times a week.  Also Cisco, he  had this same thing a couple of years ago.  

It's just fine and one morning........SURPRISE.......!!!  It doesn't seem to be particularly painful, except when I use the comb to get rid of the hair that is already pretty loose.  I haven't doctored yet this morning, I wait until he's thru eating.  I did look at it when I went out this morning, and it looks pretty dry, I'll know more when I got out and clean it up.  I'll pull on the hair along the edges, hopefully the hair won't pull off easily.  

John's night blooming cereus finally bloomed last night.  He's been watching it like a mother hen for the last week or so.  They are really a neat desert flower, they have a dead looking stem, no leaves or anything to even make it look like it's alive, let alone worth watching.  In the spring it will start out with tiny little buds, this one had four and they all stayed on.  They bloom one night and by 9 or 10 the next morning are shriveled up.  There is one night moth I think it's called a horned moth, that pollinates the blooms.  If they get pollinated later on there will be a big red blob, looks something like an Italian tomato.  There is 2 of them in the back yard.  John dug them up, unfortunately the stem is so spindly the donkeys destroy them, if they step on them.  He knew of another one out on the road and watched it for a year or so.  Finally decided to dig it up, went out and someone had beat him to it.  LOL


ellie k said...

That leg looks nasty, I know you will take care of him.

Tish said...

I'll do my best