Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IT'S HOT ENOUGH NOW........!!!

I'm sure it's going to get hotter and more humid, but seriously, it doesn't have to......!!! LOL  Actually we "might" get some rain by the end of the week, if the weather man knows what he's talking about.  

Not much to write about, when it's this hot, man or beast does NOT do anything they don't have to.  We feed, they eat, we doctor, they stand still and that's about it.  Courtney came yesterday to trim Gus and anyone else that would need it.  Gus has been doing real good, so we're both rather hesitant about trimming him.  It has to be done, so she basically gave him a "lick and a promise" and he seems just fine this morning.  She also did both mules.  They usually self trim, but at 31 and 36 they don't move around unless there is a reason, so we'll probably have to start trimming them a few times a year.  They are both good about it.  Well, they are good about 6 of the 8 feet.  Reba's rear feet are off limits, her former owner made sure to tell us that.  Her rear feet are still self trimming pretty good.  If it becomes a problem, we'll have to take her in to the vet to get a happy shot I guess.  

Saddik the new dog has discovered the Rubbermaid "spa", he came in after chores dripping wet.  That's better than the other night, he found the spot where the laterals for the feed room sometimes come to the surface.  He had to roll in it, because he was almost black............and rather smelly.  Doug and John managed to get most of it off, at least enough so Doug let him in for the night, to sleep on the bed.....LOL

Well I may not be racing anymore.  Saturday night, which I might add was hot as Hades, when I went thru tech after the main event they were going to disqualify me because my right front wheel had too much camber in it.  We have been fighting tire wear and blowouts every race night.  I've only finished 2 races and both of those were shortened, this one was only 18 laps and the tire was chunked enough that it probably wouldn't have lasted much longer.  John and the tech people, came to an understanding, if they DQed me, we would park the car for the rest of the year.  So they decided to let me keep my 5th place and they will have a meeting to try to figure out what to do.  They lost 3 other cars because of right front tires coming apart, so it's not just me, but mine seems to be worse than the others.  Kias weren't made for racing on asphalt, the suspension isn't very good and we can't beef it up.  It isn't allowed and they don't make after market parts for Kias anyway.  I e-mailed the track and told them it's their problem, not mine, so we'll see what happens. 


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Gee - what happens if you race around the oval in the other direction? (tongue in cheek emoticon)

Tish said...

Actually the dirt track had us run the other direction a few times. Talk about weird.....!!! Still haven't heard anything.