Friday, June 19, 2015



As you can see, he believes in comfort and knows the "drill".  He had a run in with a skunk a couple of nights ago and had to stay outside for the night.  Not exactly his style, he has a routine and it includes going into Doug's RV after evening snack a little before 10pm.  But he's back to not smelling so he can be social again.  

As far as HOT, it's suppose to be 111* over the next few days.  Anything over 100* is hot no matter how it's worded.  The donkeys get their breakfast and by the time they are let out, it's already hot.  So they basically spend the day standing in the shade.  No moving around unless it's to find a better spot, and certainly no running and playing.   The only 2 I'm having to doctor every day is Cisco and Boaz, all other doctoring is on an "as needed" basis.  They aren't spending all their time standing around, almost every morning some of them come in with cactus spines in their muzzles.  So I guess at night, they roam around as usual, once it cools off.   Boaz's leg is doing better, it's dried up and no more new sores.  I'm still keeping it covered with Underwood Horse Medicine and it seems to be doing the job. 

We're taking the race car to practice tonight, to see if all the suspension work John has been doing makes a difference.  I don't know what all he's done, most of it has been to tweak something and someone else comes up with a brilliant idea, so he goes back up to the garage and tweaks some more.  I hope he remembers all of what he has done, to if it works, great, keep those measurements, if not have some measurements to go back to.  Tomorrow night we'll be racing.   I am SO looking forward to sitting in staging for 15-30 minutes or even more if the race in front of us has a lot of yellow flags.  That asphalt will hold heat long after the sun goes down, unfortunately.  I can't imagine people coming out to sit in the bleachers and roast, just to watch a bunch of cars go around in circles.......LOL


ellie k said...

I think he has made himself at home. He is a pretty boy.

Tish said...

He's really a good dog, for a puppy about 9 months old. Wouldn't have asked for him, but now that he's here...........LOL