Sunday, June 28, 2015


We must officially be in the monsoon, we've had 4 or 5 days of afternoon rains passing through, with ongoing humidity in the 50's, which for us is high.  I think the weatherman says we have to be above 55% to get rain.  It's appreciated.......BUT.........why does it have to usually be at feeding time.  LOL  Not good for the people and not much better for the donkeys.  Some of them will not stay in the shelters with rain making noise, so we either put their hay in the rain, or they stand out in the rain and eat later.  

John got to search for a fly mask this morning, Pancho, Ruger and Wister takes turns losing them, I think John said there are 3 out there he can't find, not to mention polo wraps and leggings.  The leggings will be impossible to find except by accident, once it rains on them, not only are they pretty flat, but they become mud color.  

My next race is suppose to be the 4th.......but..........I still haven't heard back from the track on the tire problem.  John has the car ready to go, but it won't go, if we can't put some more camber in.  I do plan on being in the pits and if anyone asks me where my car is, I will be more than happy to tell them...........LOL

Saddik's trip to the vet went pretty good.  He is no longer anemic, although we are finishing out the Vit K.  BUT, we brought up the fact that he seems to cough a lot, so they sent off blood to check for Valley Fever.......SIGH....!!  He's already on Doxycycline, just in case, probably find out Monday. The vet still thinks, he probably ate a rodent that ate rat poison.

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