Wednesday, June 24, 2015



Boofer had been doing really good until yesterday afternoon at canned dog food feeding.  John put it down and he wasn't the least bit interested.  He was drinking, but not moving around much and not really interested in interacting with us.  Last night when John went out to let the donkeys out at bedtime, Boofer was not out there.  This morning he wasn't here, so Doug and John started looking for him.  He might have spent 95% of his time over here, but I guess he still thought of the neighbor's place as home.  He was laying under her trailer, dead.  

When this all first started we didn't know much about it.  But after we got involved and started reading up on it, we found out how horrible it is.  The survival for AIHA is a 30 to 50% chance of making it one year.  He was over 10 years old, which probably didn't help.

Even with the outcome, we probably would have done the same thing again, to at least give him a chance.  We already had an appointment with the vet this afternoon, for both Boofer and Saddik to have their red blood count checked.  I called to let them know we'd only be bringing one, in case someone else needs to be squeezed in.

Saddik is still on Vit K, to help with his anemia.  Hopefully the test this afternoon will show he is in the normal range.  He seems healthy running around playing with the donkeys, taking off fly masks and hoarding them under Doug's RV.  At least we know where to find them.  Wonder if we could teach him to go out and find the lost fly masks, and leggings? 

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