Wednesday, June 10, 2015



This morning was "brain" surgery for Saddik and also we had to take Boofer in for a blood test to see if his numbers are holding or hopefully getting better.  

Everything went well until the tech tried to take Saddik's temperature. He has always been a happy camper, but that woman trying to stick a thermometer up his butt wasn't going to happen.  He was adamant enough that I thought a muzzle would be a good idea.  Even then he squirmed as much as he could with another tech almost laying on him.  But she got his temp, took the muzzle off and he was his usual happy self.

Brought Boofer home, pressed on with things to do and about an hour later the phone rang.  It was the vet wanting to know what is going on out here with our dogs?  It seems Saddik is a heavy bleeder and they had to give him some Vit K to help with clotting, just from castrating.  She said he is also anemic.  What are the chances of having 2 anemic dogs?  He hasn't acted like he didn't feel good, and he has a lot of energy, so not sure what is going on.  Nancy asked again about rat poison.  I think we started feeding him the 6th of May, which has been about a month.  You'd think if it was something he picked up before, it would have shown up by now.  Neither of them run, and as far as I know none of the local neighbors use rat poison. 

Boofer's blood test, showed his Red Bood Cells are still low, but they are about what they were when we brought him home, so at least he is holding his own.  He's still on Predisone and will be for months, so I guess we'll press on like we know what we are doing.

Right now I am having to doctor Cisco's face under his eye.  Somehow some flies got under his fly mask, and obviously were carrying some habronema eggs.  That's really irritating, but he is such a fly magnet, it isn't a big surprise.   Next to cause problems will probably be his ears.  He gets some type of icky in both ears every summer, have no idea what it is, but do know what the vet used when she looked at it one time and basically shrugged her shoulders.  I have Animax and know how to use it..........LOL

We'll go pick up Saddik later this afternoon, hope he doesn't have anymore problems with bleeding.  

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