Sunday, June 07, 2015


As far as interpreting what is going on with the race car.  We are having a real problem with keeping right front tires on the race car.  Everybody and I do mean everybody is trying to figure it out.  A few days ago John unlocked the differential by removing 1/2 of it.  Not sure who's idea that was, but he jumped on it to try in practice Friday night.  Also playing with the tire pressures and using the springs to redistribute weight.  


When I went out on the track, the 1st thing I noticed was I hadn't got the steering wheel locked, which means it was loose enough I could have removed it from the column.  Not a good I limped around the track to the guy that's waves us off and on the track and asked him to please lock it.  Geesh!  Actually I couldn't tell much difference between how it handled with or without the steering wheel, it was that scary.

When I came in I told John it was squishy, which I immediately figured out, isn't a technical term to guys.  LOL  I thought it explained the problem pretty good, but obviously not.  So he played with the tire pressure and sent me out again.  When I came back in he said I was about 2 seconds off on my speed.  And I told him it was still squishy.  We did this 3 or 4 times, he actually gained some knowledge about the tire pressures and the right front didn't start chunking, so we loaded up and came home.  

The next morning John unloaded the car off the trailer and drove it around the driveway a couple of times, came in and asked how I could drive it?  AHA......vindication......!!!  I asked if it was squishy, but he didn't see the humor,  he did say taking out one side of the differential wasn't probably a good idea.  

I don't race again until the 20th of June, so he has time to play with it.  I sure hope he can figure out how to keep a tire on it, or I probably won't get to finish the main event.  

Seems like I'm doing really good on skin problems, so far.  Of course it isn't really that hot yet and the humid monsoons haven't started, but if I can stay ahead of them, maybe we won't have so many open sores.  Penny will finally allow me to re-wrap her hind legs with polo wraps without her being in the redneck squeeze.  John pets on her and tells her what a good girl she is, and she will actually stand still.  When she came here about 3 years ago, she was a very scared fear kicker, any and everything would cause her to kick viciously and a lot of times we couldn't even figure out what caused it.  These days she will just avoid you if she can.  We don't let her get away with that, and eventually she gives up.  She is still very protective of her head and face, we don't know for sure what caused her broken jaw.  My WAG (wild ass guess), because of the way she acts about her front legs, I think her front legs were roped, which is unusual.  I also think if that is true, that her jaw probably got broke from her front legs being jerked out from under her.  And I'm sure there was no sympathy given if they did break her jaw, they probably didn't even notice.

Dogs all seem to be doing good.  Anubis is back to normal, and Boofer is back to sitting in the driveway, barking at nothing, so I guess life is good.  I'm anxious to see how his blood test comes out Wednesday.  Doug is going to keep Saddik in his RV Tuesday night, because he can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight in preparation for his "corrective" surgery.  LOL  He's been real good about letting Doug know when it's time to go out, don't know if someone has worked with him, or if he just wants to be a good house guest.  Doug says he loves to sit on the couch and watch TV, or sprawl on the bed.  He's big enough if he sprawls, he's probably got more than his share of the bed.  

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