Friday, June 05, 2015



But it does seem like the days have been flying by.  We haven't been home one day this week.  Yesterday we did a home study for Ruger and Wister.  We sure are having a hard time finding them a FOREVER home.  These people would be great, but they live in a very hilly area, I mean up and down......everywhere.  There would be no place for the boys to run, which they run, chase and play every day.  Now Saddik, the new dog is part of the game.  They also have lots of pretty pots with flowers and quite a few tasty looking small trees.  The ground is rocky, gravelly perfect for keeping hooves trimmed.  But the lack of running room is a downer not to mention when they started eating all her pretty flowers.  I'm afraid they would live to regret taking these two because of the damage the boys would cause to their daily lives.  They would be much better with some older ones, we thought 2 jennies, but in their teens, geldings would be good too.  Or maybe a PG jenny, that way they could raise a baby.  So I will be keeping an eye on Craigslist to see if we can find something for them. They live way past the sidewalks, on solar power.  Eventually they would like to let the donkeys free range, once they know where "home" is.  When I say free range that is exactly what it would be.  Outside the fenced area around their house goes forever.  That's another problem with the boys, given free range, no telling where they'd end up......!!!  

I'm getting a new cook stove today.  I've noticed as stoves evolve and have computers in them, "things" break.  Mine has been limping along for a couple of years.  The timer doesn't work, the oven temp setting doesn't work, I have to use a match to light it and I just put up with it, but it was getting really irritating, so I bit the bullet and ordered one.  I've noticed one thing, if you don't buy something for 20-25 years it's quite a "sticker shock" moment.  I don't even want the bells and whistles, self cleaning oven and oven temp that works, and that's just about it.  But it's still quite a shock.  

It's cooled off again and we actually got a few sprinkles of rain last night.  I'm suppose to go to practice with the race car and so far today it's pretty cloudy.  If we have any moisture falling at all there won't be a practice.  The guys have changed a bunch of stuff on the car, and I need to find out if the right front tire  is going to stay together or not.  I don't race until the 20th of June, so if the tire is still wearing, they'll have time to come up with something else.  Unfortunately I think they are just about out of ideas........!!!   LOL

Boofer is feeling well enough to fight with Saddik............SIGH!  Boys will be boys I guess, but I don't need another vet bill.  He will get a blood test next Wednesday and hopefully his numbers are going up.  We've all figured out we can't give him his pills wrapped in deli meat by hand.  He has bitten Doug and both of us.  He got John pretty good, one of his fingers is pretty punctured.  It's not like I didn't warn him just before he went out with the "snack", Boofer had gotten me already that day.  So now he gets it on top of his kibbles.  

Donkeys are all doing good.  I am happy to report that I'm staying ahead of Boaz's skin problem, whenever it is.  A few days ago, we noticed he had places on him that looked like he had stood under a mesquite tree that was oozing and it had dried in his hair.  John pulled on one spot and the hair came off, leaving oozy raw skin underneath.  He had maybe a dozen places all over his body.  WHAT TO USE, WHAT TO USE........!!!  That is always the question.  We have quite a few different types of skin problems, every year quite a few of the donkeys have problems, and they aren't all the same.  If you have the vet look at it, they basically shrug their shoulders and say it's going around.  The treatment for all of them seems to be about the same, wash with a medicated soap, and keep covered with "something".  I have about 6 or 7 things to choose from, this time I tried Underwood Horse Medicine and it is really working good.  Dries the area on the first spray, then all I have to do is pull the hair around the edges the next day.  If it comes loose, spray some more.  He's the only one I'm having to doctor right now, well except for Rosie and Cisco.  They always get doctored, except for a couple of months in the winter. 

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