Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yep! SNAKEBITE.......!!!

Of course that is still just my WAG (wild ass guess), but this morning it's all bubbly and sloughing off looking.  Doesn't look like anything else, but a snake bite.  We're changing the bandage every other day, and putting Animax on it, so as long as it doesn't get any worse, it should heal up just fine.

Right now the flies are absolutely horrible.  They seem to be outsmarting my fly traps, and fly predators, and are driving the donkeys that don't have their legs wrapped crazy.  We do fly spray every morning.  I like the way they advertise fly sprays, "lasts up to (fill in the blank) days.  Sure it does..........I think the flies just wait until it dries and I'm using Pyranha which is one of the best.  I know by late afternoon they are back in business for the most part.

I am trying something new this year, and I do think it's making a difference, although judging from the amount of flies on donkeys legs, it's hard to tell.

Stable flies which are the ones that get on lower legs, are not interested in the hanging fly traps.  I guess they react to different smells than house flies or some of the others.  Aribco makes a stable fly trap, that uses no poison.  It has a bait, which has a yeast base, they go for the smell and fly up into a cone that opens into a screened "hat box" shaped trap.  Then they dehydrate in the sun.   It's catching a lot of flies, unfortunately right now it isn't real sunny, but once they are trapped I guess they will dehydrate sooner or later.  And if a lizard eats some of the flies I'm assuming it wouldn't poison them, at least I hope so.   I think we'll all be glad when cool weather gets here.

I was suppose to race last night, but in the afternoon it rained at the track, and judging from the weather map, it was going to continue, so they cancelled.  Bummer, but better than getting out there and wasting a lot of time and money and still not getting to race like we did the 5th of July. 

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