Friday, September 05, 2014


A few days ago, I noticed Boaz had a "wound" right below his naked knee of scar tissue.  It didn't look like a cut or anything normal, so my first thought was snakebite.  We've had 3 bitten in the past, one a little lower on Sha'ba's leg years ago.  It didn't even swell, probably was a dry bite, because of the close proximity of the canon bone to the skin and very little tissue in between. 

About 4 years ago Quilla got bitten on his muzzle and we almost lost him.  After 2 weeks we had to take him to the vet clinic up in Gilbert because he was crashing and beginning to founder.  Usually on large animals, their bodies will process the venom, although a lot of time they have to have support treatment, lots of IV's, etc.  In Quilla's case, they did a sonogram of his innerds and discovered he had fatty liver disease.  The liver couldn't process the venom.  He's fine now and the weight loss was good for him.

A few weeks after Quilla, we noticed a bloody blob hanging from underneath Daisy's jaw.  I didn't even call the vet that time, she never acted like it bothered her, kept eating, so I just treated it with a penicillin wash and it healed up nicely.  The first few days I was afraid it would break thru into her mouth, but thank goodness it didn't.

Daisy's jaw

Boaz's wound, was gooey and odd looking like the flesh was dissolving, so I put Animax on it and kept it wrapped.  I did call the vet Wednesday but she wasn't going to be available until Monday.  So I guess I saved myself a vet bill, because this morning it was well on it's way to healing.  

I don't remember what time of year Sha'ba's bite was, but the other 3 have been this time of year.  I think the snakes are moving around trying to get fat for hibernation and maybe get caught out more than they usually would. 

Pepper is getting down more and more, but he is still Mr. Perky, wants to go out, although his legs don't work too well.  If his mind was in charge he'd have no problem, but the body won't allow that.  I know most people wait too long in these situations, I know I have.  That will be a terrible appointment to make, I'm preparing John, large animals just can't function if the legs won't hold them up.  So far he is only going down when he tries to lay down in a dusting area.  If we find him where he has fallen, then it will be time for sure.  Hopefully it won't be on a holiday or week-end. 

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