Thursday, September 18, 2014


 So far, so good on the hurricane sending too much rain our way.  It seems to be going east of us, so I hope New Mexico is enjoying it.  Reminds me of being in the midwest during tornado season, to say you get information overload is an understatement.  Even had our local volunteer fire chief, call and asked if we'd like some sand bags.  

The donkeys are tired of being damp and walking in wet mud I think.  We learned a long time ago not to touch a wet donkey, they really don't like it.  That leaves underneath their jaw as about the only place to scratch.

Yesterday when we picked up the mail, there was a package there from Michele, that has been fixing fly masks and making knee protectors.  

Looks like she has been busy.  I promptly took a couple out to see how they would work.  Because of the rain, Quilla's was wet this morning, and I had to take it off.  But I think they will work just fine, when the weather dries out a little.  

Thank you, Michele, your efforts are much appreciated.  



This is almost a "what is it", piece of equipment.  This is the stable fly trap I've been using for about a month or so.  All those little spots and dots are flies.  The dark circle is dead flies.  Right now it is too cool for the metal to heat up and dehydrate the ones that are alive.  But unless they figure out how to get back out the opening, they'll be there when it does heat up.  At least they aren't out chewing on donkey legs.   I'm thinking about getting another one for next year, hopefully 2 traps will catch twice as many flies......!!! 

Got a call this morning that my uncle Jerry has died.  He was one of the relatives I got to visit with, when I went back to Missouri with Mother.  He wasn't just an uncle, he was my big brother, and hero when we were growing up.  He was 9 years older than me, and was always doing something interesting, building model airplanes that flew, putting a motor on his bicycle, lots of guns, lots of cars.  He was always trying to get rid of me, but it seems like I was always with him, watching all the fun.  One day he and his cousin, tied me and the neighbor boy up on a bed using our belts.  Needless to say we weren't going anywhere until someone let us loose, and Grandma wasn't home.............!!! LOL  I guess in this day and age that would be child abuse, but to me it is a fun memory.  I wasn't allowed to touch his car, so one time I hid behind the front seat because I heard him tell Grandma he was going to town.  When he backed out of the driveway, he noticed me, opened the rear door of the car, grabbed me and slung me out the door and went on his merry way.  I'm pretty sure that also would have been child abuse......!!!  He was probably responsible for me being more interested in cars than dresses and hanging out with girls.  I didn't know his 2nd wife that well, but even when his mind started going, she said I was about the only relative he remembered and still talked about.  I'm going to try to go back for the funeral.  John's in Tucson today, and Hazel didn't have plans yet, so we'll try to figure it out when he gets home. 


Donna said...

I always ready your posts, but seldom you know! I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved uncle and tell you too how much I do enjoy reading about your critters. Be safe in your travels to lay him to rest.

Donna said...

That's *read not *ready

Tish said...

Thank you, he even had a shrunken head, that fascinated me. Wonder what happened to it? Lots of memories.

Chelra said...

I was sorry to hear about your Uncle. I'm glad the knee pads fit! I'm hoping they last until I am able to make more. It maybe a while since my niece has taken note I can sew. She has many requests for Halloween and various other holidays coming up. I'm doing my best to stay on top of all my projects. Have a safe journey!

Tish said...

These will last for awhile, hopefully the season will be winding down pretty soon. I had to remove all socks, polo wraps, etc today. Everything is wet, muddy and until it dries out some, wasn't drying out. Having wet muddy material on your leg, can't be comfortable, so with naked legs, we'll have to be more diligent with fly spray.