Monday, September 22, 2014


 Pancho is a large mini or small standard and Pepsi is a pretty small mini

I got a call from Judy Saturday asking if we would take Pancho back.  Originally these people had taken Ruger and Pancho and after about a year, called to see if they could trade Ruger for another donkey.  Ruger had discovered dry dog food on the porch and was going thru their fence to get out and they weren't willing to improve it.  They came out and decided little Pepsi might be OK, so we traded Ruger for Pepsi.  

This time it took less than a year before Pancho started getting out and going over to the neighbor's.  Judy said she thinks he enjoyed the walk back home and the treats he got along the way.  Probably so.  They said they'd keep Pepsi, but I told them we would have to take them both back, because we never leave a donkey in a one donkey home and they agreed.  

They actually loaded pretty good considering there wasn't a small pen to corral them and it seems they have been allowed to get away with evasive in "I don't think I want you putting that halter on me"............LOL  But it wasn't too bad and once they figured out the "jig" was up, they pretty much gave up.  

They are in really good shape, not fat like everyone else on our property.  I'd like to find another home for them as soon as possible.  Unfortunately almost all my calls lately have been people looking for home for their donkeys, or people wanting one donkey as a horse companion, which we don't do, unless it's a donkey that has already been a horse companion and is confused about who they want as a buddy.  We've had 3 over the years that preferred horses. 

I raced Saturday night............!!!  Won my heat race, but the main event was a little rough.  Actually it was a whole lot rough.....!!!  LOL

On the 2nd lap there was a wreck in front of me and I had to stop on the track or plow thru it, which would have been really rude.  Because I stopped, I got plowed into which ruined the trailing arm on the left rear. 

This is the trailing arm, I might add trailing arms are usually straight.  John and some others had to take it off, just to get the car up on the trailer, because the wheel wouldn't go around.  I drove the rest of the race with the wheel and accompanying flat tire not rotating at all.  

Because I stopped on the track to avoid hurting or killing someone, they put me in the back on the restart.  I had worked my way back up to 7th, when something happened on the back straight away, haven't seen the video yet, so don't really have a clue.  I just know it was messy and my car ended up on fire.  The firemen got all excited, because I wasn't getting out quick enough.  I was afraid they were going to reach thru the window opening and drag me out, so I really tried to hurry, I really did. They have to realize I don't move as quick as some of those kids do......!!! LOL  Raised the hood gave it a couple of squirts with the extinguisher, and it was ready for the wrecker to haul it back to the pits. 

John hasn't had a chance to look it over, but so far besides the trailing arm, and tire, the radiator is u-shaped, which wiped out the 2 cooling fans for the radiator.  The fire was electrical, so it will have to be rewired, just don't know how extensive yet.  

As soon as John can get the front cut off, we'll drag it into our son to rebuild the front. 

 The white blob in the back window opening is actually the rear bumper cover.  I'm not sure when it got lost don't know if someone picked it up or if it was dragging.  When you are in one of these "adventures" you don't have a real good idea of what really happened, until you see the video.  The people that used to put videos on you-tube  aren't at the dirt track anymore, so I'll have to wait until Video Bob sends me a copy later in the week to figure it out.


Donna said...

I love your fearlessness! Glad you weren't injured in the fire.

Tish said...

Believe I'm not fearless, I do have my limits. They couldn't get enough people on a perfectly good airplane to push me out to rely on a parachute ........LOL

Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Come on now - fess up. You really race so John has something to do and doesn't get bored : )

Donna said...

Well, not jumping out of an airplane is just smart! lol!

Tish said...

That's what I thought........LOL