Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY.......!!!

 Baudet du Poitou  (one of BlackJack's relatives)

So far today we haven't gotten much in the way of rain, although we did get  a little over 1/2 inch last night "after" chores........!!  But it is looking like an all "dayer" and because of the hurricane down in Baja they say we'll have a couple more days of this.  I hope that's all, as I'm suppose to race Saturday night.

Since the "time of plenty" as in mesquite beans and an abundance of green stuff, came the herd has been........shall we say a little less than interested in hay and most of them not even showing much interest in their mush.  A couple of days ago, I decided to quit feeding mush to everyone except Pepper, Cheyenne, Penny and Cisco.  I thought the others might get upset when they saw pans being distributed and nothing coming their way.  They watch, but don't seem to get too excited about being left out.  John keeps saying there aren't many beans left and the green stuff is drying up, but they seem to be getting enough wild food, so that my culinary expertise doesn't seem to interest them.  If we have a few days of rain and high humidity, the green stuff might liven up again, I hope not.  

Pepper is on a roll again.  He seems to go thru times of being able to get down and up without ending up on his right side and walking pretty good.  This morning he came in with the "A" team, which is led by Tula.  John said Pepper was in close proximity to the herd and when they started moving he went with them.  He managed to stay with them all the way from Burroland to the gate, which is a pretty long walk for him without a rest.  

The improvement with Pepper seems to be tied to Polyglycan, which is a once a month shot, and Previcox which is 1/2-1 tablet a day.  Or he's just too stubborn to give up.  Either way it's good to see him doing his thing. 

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