Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday I went to visit Horse'n Around Rescue in Hereford about 50 miles south.  I had met Teresa and Steve, a couple of times, but had never seen their place or visited with their rescues.

First of all let me say they are on a cattle ranch, which means grasslands, like in acres and acres of pasture.  Needless to say I was thrilled to be able to see horse, mules and donkeys in what could pass for their natural setting.  They have them in groups of Old Guys, others that need a little extra feed, healthy, and some so healthy they are off site.  That's where the mules and 2 of the donkeys were.  

Chocolate Drop and his mom Judy were part of the off site group.  Of course I had to see the mammoths.  Teresa said Judy had some fly damage on her face and wanted me to see it, but Judy didn't seem to think it was necessary and made sure we didn't get too close. They put a fly mask on her when they saw the sores, so she shouldn't get any worse.

Chocolate Drop her "little" boy" seemed to think some attention was just fine.  I think he would have stood there as long as I would mess with him. 


Speedy was on the ranch, with the healthy group.  He's in his 20's and actually had lived most of his life on Ft. Huachuca at the riding stables, with a job as the official greeter.  Last year the post commander and the post vet decided to get rid of unneeded equine at the stables.  Speedy and some elderly horses got pink slips.  They started out looking for people to adopt them, then they decided to euthanize all of them, which did not go over well, with people that had histories with all the animals, especially Speedy.  I guess he was quite the character and had a lot of friends.  At the time Terry, a friend tried to adopt Speedy and got such a run around for weeks and she finally gave up.  Obviously the commander and the vet weren't equine people and really didn't know what they were doing.

Terry ended up adopting Jack and Molly, the 2 little mini mules from us.  Needless to say her life hasn't been the same since..........LOL  Her horse Leo and Jack, have some sort of bonding thing going on, Jack insisted from day one that Leo was his buddy and Leo feels about the same.   They are inseparable, which I'm sure Molly, now known as Jill appreciates.  Jack could be a nasty little boy with her, seemed to think he was in charge, wouldn't let her eat, just in general a brat.  He could almost walk under Leo's belly, so don't think he'll be pushing Leo around any time soon. 


I guess once the word got out and the commander's ears got sore, they decided to figure out if they could find an equine rescue to take them.  Horse'n Around was willing and I think took them all.  Of course my interest was in Speedy.  Teresa said he misses all the people and going on at the stables, he really loves people.  So even though he has lots of area to roam and horses to interact with, she says he really perks up when people come to visit.  I was just one person, not that exciting, but I did my best..........LOL

Boaz's snakebite is healing beautifully, not even treating it, just attempting to keep it and his scarred knee covered with a sock.  Not an easy task, he can get them off almost quicker than I can put them on. 

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