Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well John and BlackJack aren't exactly going to the movies, they are going to be in a movie, tomorrow morning starting at 7am...........!!!  Why can't they start at a decent hour, like after chores are finished, chores are much more fun if two are doing them and only half the work.........!!!  LOL

BJ is the only one of us that has had experience packing, but it's been a long time, at least 15 years.  The pack saddle is not that old, but the straps are dried out.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with leather straps that have the flexibility of a piece of metal.  John soaked them in water for 2 or 3 days and then slathered on as much Lexol as he could.  But it hasn't made much difference.  Of course all the straps needed to be adjusted since the last time it was used on obviously a larger animal.  

When I say he's the only one with experience, that is really important information.  Some of you know John was never around large animals until we got BlackJack.  He still has creative ways of putting on halters sometimes... and we won't even talk about tying a quick release knot.........!!!!  I had horses as a girl, BUT, that has been a LONG time ago.  My experience was with riding saddles, not even sure I ever saw a pack saddle up close. 

But the show must go on.  We put the saddle on BJ last week, but without all the "stuff" that hangs on it, like shovel, ditty bag, you know all those things miners use.............or at least to give the perception of things miners use. 

I wouldn't say BJ was the most patient victim, but then again it took us forever to get the straps adjusted and all the other donkeys were out doing donkey stuff and he knew it.  

I really surprised myself....I still remembered how to tie the cinch straps.  I would imagine most saddles now have buckles.  John was impressed, so was I............BJ.........not so much, I'm sure.  

Hopefully they will only be needed tomorrow, one movie that John, BJ, Cisco and Buddy Brat were in was only suppose to be one day, ended up 4 days of mostly standing around waiting and waiting some more.  

We were told it was going to be a Western, Zombie, Comedy............I don't even know what that is, although I said something to JR our grandson and his wife and they both laughed and seemed familiar with the concept.  I didn't even ask if they watch them, don't want to know.  But the latest we heard it's going to be a heavy rock video.......!!  I don't know anymore about that than the other, I'm afraid......!!!  LOL

Have a woman coming out to visit with Pepsi and Pancho next week, keep your fingers crossed.  Also had someone else interested in them, but they have 80 acres which would be a lot of acres for 2 little miniatures or in Pancho's case almost mini.  So I'm going to see if they might be interested in Ruthie, Wister and Ruger.  Eighty acres for 3 donkeys would be like donkey heaven, they wouldn't even need to be fed except for something to have them come in once or twice a day and check in.  The people have a large stable for their horses and some boarders, that all stay in stalls and paddocks, so all that land is going to waste from my point of view..........LOL

Doctoring is getting almost boring............YIPPEE....!!!  No leg wraps on anyone, the flies are respecting the Swat or Thuja zinc oxide. 

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