Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Well tomorrow is going to start early......!!!  We are suppose to meet horse and/or stock trailers on the NW side of Tucson at 6:45 AM........!!!   Yes AM..........do you realize what time we will have to get up, to get everyone rounded up & fed, so we can spend about an hour on the road getting there?  I don't even know for sure where we're going, up by Phoenix maybe?  Kingman has the holding pens for Arizona, maybe we're going there.  If so, it's REALLY going to be a long day. 

The state of Arizona auctioned off a bunch of burros Monday, that had become wards of the state for one reason or another.  They said most of them had come across the border of Mexico & of course the state wants to get rid of them as soon as possible, so they don't have to invest any money in taking care of them.  

Karen at, Equine Voices got in touch with us & asked if we could help with moving some of the burros they bought at the auction.  We're suppose to haul 6 of them to Sonoita, which isn't too far from us, at least as the crow flies.......!! We are more than happy to help haul donkeys for someone else, because that doesn't add to our herd.....!!! 

Thank goodness Lysa will be here tomorrow morning to clean pens & she will let everyone out before she goes home.  I'll set Mother up with lots of junk food, so she'll be happy.  That's the 2 major things to be done, as hot as it's been lately, the donkeys will just go find a tree to stand under for the day.  I doubt that we'll get home very early, so their supper might be late.  That's always good for a bunch of grumpy donkeys, they've never figured out, it is in their best interest to not try to make us pay for being late.  Their best option would be to go in their pens immediately, when they see us drive in the driveway.........but that's not what happens.  They would rather mill around in a disorganized mess, pretending like they have no idea where their pen is.  

Sunday we had Jamie Williams a Tucson photographer out to take pictures.  We were in the middle of rounding up donkeys when she & Charlie showed up.  Everyone did pretty good except for Molly & Jack the mini mules.  They had not a clue as to where they were suppose to be, they spent 30 minutes milling around in the way of getting everyone else in their pens.  That's John job to get them in the pens, so I stayed out of it, until they were the only ones left.  I got the bat, a little saddle whip with a flat popper on the end of it.  Came out of the feed room, swung that bat a couple of times to whistle thru the air, & off them went at high speed, bucking a kicking like crazy.  It's amazing, they went right into their pen.  I've told John that it's much easier to make them do what they are suppose to do, than to wait for them to do it.  They have no concept of time & really don't care if you do......!!!! LOL

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