Friday, July 26, 2013


We spent this morning at the vet, with Rusty the big white mule.  He's been rather lethargic the last couple of days, not much interested in eating, unless we bribed him with alfalfa mixed in with his bermuda hay.  

Of course none of them are very interested in eating hay and mush right now because of the beans.  John keeps saying they are about gone, then the wind blows and a new batch blows down, which of course causes a feeding frenzy.

They have become a little bit more cooperative about coming in, although not enough to make it a quick process.  At least Penny and Coquette finally realize that one of us will be dogging them for the rest of their lives if they don't go thru that gate and head for the pen area.  But we have to instigate the movement towards the gate, which means we have to find them.  

Dr. Megan said Rusty was her first official probable mesquite bean colic this season, I doubt if he will be her last.  He had no gut sounds when we went in although he did have some faint ones yesterday.  Decent looking poo, a little dehydrated, relatively perky, and he peed in the trailer.  He got tubed and we're suppose to try to get him to drink this week-end, dehydration can really be a problem.  She doesn't want him eating unless it's a watery mush, which I have a feeling isn't going to be a real big hit with Rusty, he has definite ideas about how food should be served.  

Got an interesting letter yesterday from Jill's family.  They sent a letter of surrender and said they were giving her to us......!!!!   HUH?  Not even a request, guess no good deed goes unpunished.......!!! She is a very nice donkey, big enough to be rideable with very good manners.  Oh! well I'm sure we will be able to find a better home than being in a boarding situation.   

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