Sunday, July 21, 2013


This morning little Wister got to go out with his momma.  He's a little gimpy, but I don't think keeping him in would make a difference.  He was so happy to go out, his little tail was going 90 miles an hour, as he followed Ruthie over to Burroland.  Haven't seen them since.  

Went ahead and let Jill out to explore.  My main concern with her is she hasn't had access to mesquite beans.  She doesn't strike me as the "over the top" type, like Pepper and some of the others are.  Pepper maybe old and may be crippled, but he can hear a mesquite bean hit the ground at 50 yards.  She is very mellow and cooperative in other areas, so I assume she isn't going to go out and immediately start on a bean hunt.  I just don't want her to go out and gorge on them the first day or two and get a belly ache.  We'll see what her poo looks like in the next couple of days.  It would be nice if she would follow Frijolita around, because "Little Bean", leaves no bean behind.  There wouldn't be much left for Jill to eat.  

This morning we had a shock.  Everyone showed up except for Jack the mini mule.  Jack is usually one of the 1st ones here at mealtime, but no Jack.  Molly was standing looking over at the neighbor's place, John went over there, but didn't even find any hoofprints.  I envisioned him laying someplace with a mesquite bean induced belly ache. 

Once we got everyone rounded up and I got breakfast ready, John pressed on with feeding and I went on a mule hunt.  Twenty acres of Burroland is really a lot of fun to cover, hopefully not missing your quarry.  I finally found him walking along the fence line with another neighbor..........!!  They seemed to be having a real nice walk.  I had a halter and lead with me, BUT, that wasn't going to happen.  So I started twirling the lead & making him move.  It took awhile to get him headed in the right direction.  He is a fast little devil and could cover a lot more ground than I could, which didn't help the situation, when he decided to head the wrong direction.  FINALLY he decided I wasn't going to leave him alone and he took off for the pen area.  Went in his pen like it was his idea........!!!   Grrr.....!!!  I didn't really need all that exercise..!!!


Rebecca2 said...

What's the story behind the photo?

Tish said...

I wish I knew, it's just an very interesting picture someone had e-mailed me, that I wanted to share. It looks like she might have been reading a story to her special friend.