Friday, July 19, 2013


We picked up this pretty girl this afternoon in Tucson.  Her family is looking for a permanent place to board her & asked if we could take care of her until they find a place.  What's one more when we're already over our quota.......right?  LOL

She is very well mannered, & really is a nice young lady.  They got her at the local horse auction a couple of months ago, which surprised me.  I hadn't heard that the auction houses were allowing donkeys to be brought in again.  For awhile they wouldn't let donkeys be unloaded, because people were unloading them & if they didn't sell, they would just drive off & leave them there. 

She's about 5 years old & has already had a baby that was with her at the auction.  

As you can see she needs to be on a diet, her neck is crested & has already fell over a little bit, which of course will never stand up again unfortunately.  

We'll keep her in for a couple of days, so all the "looky loos" can gather around & gawk at her.  Most of them have already checked her out.  And hopefully she'll know where her pen is, once we do let her out.  

Of course most of them are more interested in mesquite beans than anything else.  Pepper had to stay in his pen again today, because it looked like rain & we couldn't take a chance on him getting down in the wash & getting drowned.  First thing we did when we got home, was let him out.  He took off like he had someplace to go, probably to the nearest patch of beans..........!!! 

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