Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, they are managing to find a few beans, but not enough to deprive them of the pleasure of Burroland. They are so funny to watch, when they go out of the pens at night. It's like kids going to a party, they all head to the gate which, if we don't forget is open. One night we forgot & when John went over to open the gate, Jack the mule had already beat him to it & was waiting rather impatiently.

Pepsi the little mini has decided that he thinks Lucy is his type of girl. Good grief...........!!!! Talk about "visions of grandeur". At least he isn't after Jenny the mammoth, or he would really look silly. Lucy came in this morning trailing a line of suitors, with him the first in line. I'm surprised Buster will allow such dallying with his girl, he usually watches her pretty close.

For 2 mornings in a row, Buster has choked after eating his timothy pellets, soaked beet pulp, & soaked hay cubes. Not a bad choke, but it's always scary when one of them has problems like that. I assume the problem is the timothy pellets, so have left them out of his pan. So far, so good. I'm going to be gone next week-end to Petsmart Convention in Las Vegas. John is already dreading the idea that one of them might choke or get hurt. He could handle anything that happens, but he would rather I do it............typical man.

Pepper actually looks like he might be putting on a little weight. He doesn't look look quite as frail as he did this summer. I've upped the amount of soaked food he's getting, & he's isn't eating much hay at all, just the soaked stuff. He has very little muscle mass, so I doubt that he will ever look "good". I was worried that if he didn't put on some weight, even using blankets on him might not be enough to help him make it thru the winter. Our winters aren't as bad as some areas have. I was raised in Missouri, so I know what "real" winter can be like. But we do have some really cold nights & in December & January days that are cloudy & chilly. I've also upped the soaked food for Sha'ba & Jack, the other 2 old guys that have a problem maintaining weight. Rusty the mule is older that Jack the other mule, but you can certainly tell the difference in their younger lives by how they look. Rusty is 30 years old & looks great. Jack is almost 27 has few teeth, has a lot of saddle or packing scars on his back & in general isn't in very good shape. Jack as been getting soaked food for quite awhile, because of his lack of teeth. With winter coming on, I decided to fill his bucket up & see if he would eat more. Yes he would, thank you very much. Maybe I need to get a bigger bucket.....!!! (G)

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