Thursday, November 13, 2008

The last few days we have been doing "Poo 101" when we clean pens in the morning, checking for mesquite beans. We had 2 days of not finding any beans at all, so last night was very exciting for the 7 that have been kept in at night, when the others got to go over to Burroland. John said he almost got ran down when he went over to open the gate. The next excitement will be when they no longer have to wear fly masks during the day. Then they will be able to go over to Burroland day & night. Yesterday we tried not putting their masks on, since we've had some pretty cool nights. But unfortunately a lot of flies have survived the experience & went right for the moisture in their eyes, so we're back to putting on fly masks again.

Terry came out yesterday morning & groomed. Some of them love to be groomed, some are too wiggly to stand still that long, & others could care less. Jenny the mammoth, really likes to be groomed, & afterwards kept at Terry, trying to get her to groom some more I guess. We laughed about how Belle use to get back in line again, like we wouldn't recognize her. Now Belle has her own family & probably gets groomed a lot. Her new Mom said if she is groomed first, she will line up behind Shiloh to be groomed again, just like she did here. They are so funny sometimes.

Our Open House this year will be December 6 & 7th from 10am to 4pm. It will be in conjunction with the 28th annual Cascabel Christmas Fair. They always have lots of vendors selling all sorts of interesting items. We won't be selling anything though. We just give people a chance to visit with the donkeys. This will be the 3rd year we have participated, & it's been a lot of fun. The donkeys especially enjoy the timothy pellets we give the people to feed them. If you get a chance come out & visit with us.

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