Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poitou donkey from France 100 years ago

Everyone is doing great after their "toe" trim Saturday. Sometimes the ones that have been foundered get a little tender footed, but everyone did just fine this time. Courtney is going to try to come back in a couple of weeks, & trim on Chester a little more. The heel on his bad leg is still too high, but she didn't want to take it down too much at one time.

We are involved in a rescue this week, although we won't be bringing him home permanently. I got a call from Care for the Horses here in Cochise County about a donkey that had been running loose for 2 years & was picked up by the Livestock Inspector. Usually in these cases if the animal isn't retrieved by an owner they are taken to auction. The information we got was he is an aggressive kicker & originally we were told he was intact. We aren't set up for jacks especially one that can't be handled. But yesterday they found out he has in fact been gelded.

I got in touch with Mark Myers at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. He has a satellite adoption center in Miles, Texas & I know he keeps the highway hot, running back & forth. I hoped he might be coming thru & might have a place for this guy. He's coming thru this Friday & is willing to pick him up.

He was taken to Care for the Horses, & they have rushed around getting his Coggins test & health certificate, so he can be transported into another state. The results will be done tomorrow morning, & we will go down to Sierra Vista tomorrow afternoon & pick him up in our trailer. We will keep him in the trailer until Friday afternoon, when Mark will pass thru on his way to Texas. Wish we could let him out in a pen, but unfortunately his reputation precedes him.

I'll try to get pictures tomorrow when we pick him up.

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